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 Nuzlocke challenge: Newb's Random Conquest!

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PokePartner : Mienshao
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PostSubject: Nuzlocke challenge: Newb's Random Conquest!   Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:31 pm

I shall post my nuzlocke here and try to list as many details as possible including screenshots(if i can figure out how to) and funny comments and things that im thinking about at that moment my rules shall be...
1. The 1st pokemon i see of a route i must catch
2. If a pokemon faints its dead
3. Nickname all pokemon and bond with them ultimately
4. No trading
5. battle style into set
6. No items used expect tms and hms
7. I might add more as i go along :s

Now the point of a nuzlocke is to have a hard heart breaking yet fun challenge for you to face and beat so these are some of the fun things for me so that i can enjoy myself:
1. The only pokemon that can't die is my starter pokemon but if it does faint i have to wait till i find a wild revive b4 using it again.
3. ofc i will use items that are neccasary for me to complete the story.(and held items like mystic water or not ones you use but hold so i will make my pokemon hold them.
4. this isn't to make it easier for me but even harder and much much more interesting i shall use a randomizer which will make all wild pokemon i encounter random so the 1st pokemon i catch might be a lugia or even a sunkern
5. These are some things i thought of b4 playing through the game i will have a manaphy egg and will catch my rivals starter pokemon and i will continue to catch other pokemon of certain trainers but the rule for that is for every trainers pokemon i capture i must release 5 other pokemon from my boxes so i would have to advance 5 routes to catch another trainers pokemon

And those are the basis for my nuzlocke challenge LET THE NEWB BE WITH ME(and hopefully ppl will start making their own nuzlockes as well or like mine well enough that we will add another forum section dedicated to it Very Happy

*Quick note since i could not find a randomizer for pokemon platinum i'll just play with reg pokemon<3



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PokePartner : Mienshao
Posts : 679
Life Tokens : 4651
Join date : 2012-02-07
Age : 20
Location : You see me don't you?

PostSubject: Re: Nuzlocke challenge: Newb's Random Conquest!   Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:31 pm

Well thx to internet exploering refreshing the page about 6 times while i was posting and typing my story i am now no longing posting that nuzlocke but will either do something else or make another nuzlocke maybe a team rocket one Surprised
eh ill think of something in the morning xD
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Nuzlocke challenge: Newb's Random Conquest!
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