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 Mr Popo's Electric gym

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Mr Popo
Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Mr Popo's Electric gym   Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:45 am

*Credits for banner to SkyDriver*

The electric type Gym is NOW OPEN!

Rules are as follows:

-Each trainer may challenge me once a day.
-Drizzle + Swift Swim is banned
-Drought + Chlorophyll is banned
-Banned abilities include: Moody and Cloud Nine
-Banned Items include: Bright Powder
-Tier: Wifi OU
-Maximum of 2 advantage type Pokémon (ground, dragon and electric. NB: Garchomp is ground and dragon type leaving only electric as an available advantage)
-Maximum of 1 Legendary Pokémon
-Clauses: Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Self KO Clause
-Have Fun!!

-In order to challenge me, you must first defeat 2 of my Gym Trainers:

Gym Trainer (6v6)
Gym Leader (6v6)

-Defeat me and you will receive the Volt Badge

Last edited by Mr Popo on Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:50 am; edited 8 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Mr Popo's Electric gym   Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:20 pm

Easy typed and done.



Badge Case:
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PokePartner : Salamence
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PostSubject: Re: Mr Popo's Electric gym   Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:50 am

Closed due to inactivity.


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PostSubject: Re: Mr Popo's Electric gym   

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Mr Popo's Electric gym
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