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 Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 8

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 8   Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:15 pm

Chapter 8 - Phantom Passer
POV - Lewis - Lewis Big Benn

(Before you have a go at me, I wrote this on my phone and it doesn't get accents.... Anyhoo enjoy Very Happy)

Oh and DISCLAIMER! Jaffa Cakes belong to McVitie's... ^^

"Hey Sky, is that him? Is it Zéphyr" I was asking frantically. "Yeah... It is... But..." Sky was cut off by a Dark Pulse heading in our direction! "Duck!" Sky shouted as he dove out of the way, while I simply stood still, and activated my power! The pulse ran straight through me and I was unscathed. "Uh, that works too..." Sky sighed. "Ok, if that's really Zéphyr, then why is he attacking us?" I asked beginning to feel confuzzled. "I don't know, let's find out!" Sky called and we both rushed to Zéphyr!

"Zeph! What are you doing!" Sky shouted at his friend! Zéphyr's mouth stayed closed and he fired another Dark Pulse from his hands! Sky dodged it while I was out the firing range.

"Sky!" I shouted but I was unheard as Sky brought out Ignis from his Pokeball! Zéphyr brought out one of his own Pokemon, it was a Sneasel! His Sneasel had a Type advantage against both of Sky's Dragons and my Ghosts...

I was about to assist Sky and send out Lampy when I noticed something from the corner of my eye...

There were a trio of Jnyx hiding near a corner of snow... They looked suspicious...

However, I couldn't leave Sky on his own so I sent out Lampy and asked her to assist Ignis!

I made my way over to the Jynx when 'thud!' I walked into an invisible wall... "Light Screen" I heard myself mutter. This was however a minor setback (Isn't walking through things such a handy power to have).

I passed through the Light Screens when suddenly the Jynx became alert of my presence! "Jynx!" The psychic trio screamed at me as they fired a triple Ice Beam! Again, this passed through me... I chuckled as they Jynx panicked! They all began setting up more Light Screens but to no avail, they weren't having any effect...

"Now would you please stop with your Light Screens, it's getting boring now" I said rolling my eyes. "Oh my! Now darling why do you have to be such a party pooper... I hate you Phantom Passer!" Came a woman's voice...

"Phantom Passer? I didn't know we got called that anymore" I replied to the hidden Woman.

I actually got my powers from my parents, who indeed were Phantom Passers. I try to forget about them though after what they did to me...

"Now Ghost Boy! I don't want any disturbance from you!" The voice said. "But why?" I asked. "Because I shall not let you break the mind controlling that my Jynx are currently doing with your friend!" Bellowed the Woman as she finnally decided to show her face... Well, she was wearing a mask but whatever!

"Mind control? Is that why..." I began thinking to myself...

Jynx! Attack him! The Jynx fired off another triple Ice Beam and I again passed through it...

"I'm sorry Madame, but this isn't working..." I pointed out, but this just infuriated her even more!

I then realised something... If the Jynx are attacking me with their Ice Beams... Then how could they be mind controlling Mr. Zéphyr?

I pondered over this thought and looked back at Sky and Mr. Zéphyr, they were now in a deep battle and Lampy was now sitting out! Both Lampy and the Sneasel were unconscious... Now Ignis was battling a Hydreigon!

"Excuse me you weasel! But it is me you are battling!" The woman screeched at me...

"This is a battle? But... Nothing's happening" I pointed out. She then called her three Jynx together and commanded me to battle her...

"Okay..." I sighed as I sent out Gengar and Nidoprince. "Just the two Pokemon?" taunted the weird woman. I smiled and said to my Pokemon "Gengar, Prince, wanna try that technique the king taught us?"

Gengar smirked and Prince nodded with excitement! I held out my arms and Gengar jumped onto my left arm while Prince hopped on my right! Next I began to charge and the three of us began to release a shadowy aura. "Reaper's Phantom Claw" I shouted while my Pokemon cried "Gengar!" and "Nido!"

This attack was called Reaper's Phantom Claw. It was created my adoptive father, and Prince's dad, Nidoking! It was one of the last things he taught us before the incident...

The attack ripped through all three of the Jynx easily! The woman panicked and screamed "You weasel! You're a ferret like your friend! You jerk! You stupid, stupid... Argh!!!" And with that she activated a device and vanished along with her now fainted Pokemon...

"Well... Uh... Hey guys we did it!" I joyfully announced to my Pokemon! I quickly turned to Sky and was immediately shocked! They were still battling!

I hurried back to see why this was still going on...

Both Ignis and Hydregon looked heavily beaten and bruised... This had been a brutal battle...

As I arrived I returned Lampy to her Pokeball and alerted Sky of what just happened...

"Mind control?" Sky asked puzzled. "But what could be controlling his mind" he asked.

I thought about it... Then I figured it out! "What if whatever is controlling his mind... Isn't currently controlling his mind? What if its just an effect that will eventually run out?" I asked. Sky seemed impressed with my answer! "Your smarter than you seem" Sky praised. "Can I have a Jaffa Cake?" I asked randomly out of context. Sky just stared blank face at me but then suddenly we both turned back to the battle to find both dragons knocked out cold on the floor! "Ignis... Return" Sky quietly sighed as he returned his partner. Zéphyr returned his Hydregon too.

It all seemed over... I made my way towards Zéphyr to see if he had come to his senses yet when suddenly he threw me aside and began to charge at Sky! "Sky" I shouted as I recovered to my feet and ran to help! Zéphyr tackled Sky to the ground! Sky attempted to fight back but Zéphyr became more raged! His eyes turned a violent red and began glowing! He forced Sky to become helpless! I panicked! I could only do one thing, I grabbed hold of Zephyr and used my Phantom power to make us passive! Zéphyr's attacks softened... And he started to calm down...

I just held Zéphyr still while the effect wore off, meanwhile Sky stood back up, still startled from the attack...

"Sky? Are you ok?" I asked concerned. "Yeah I'm fine... nothing major, don't worry!" He replied smiling.

We waited there for a long while until we heard the voice we had patiently been waiting for...

"Sky... I'm sorry..."


So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 8   Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:53 am

Whoo, Imma good guy again!
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Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 8
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