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 Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 9

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 9   Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:44 pm

Chapter 9 - Friendly Reunion
POV - Zephyr - Legolover8

(Again, accent problems...)

"Sky... I didn't mean to hurt you..." I said wearily. I felt drained after what just happened...
"Zeph, it wasn't your fault! Stop beating yourself! I forgive you" Sky said sympathetically.

"It's nice to finally meet you Mr. Zephyr!" the boy next to Sky said. "Eh he he... Well it seems I don't know who you are, fancy introducing yourself?" I asked. "Name's Lewis!" He cheerfully replied. Sky spoke next saying "it was Lewis who saved you! In fact, he's saved me several times as well!" And as Sky said this, he patted Lewis on the back. Lewis just giggled and said "No problem"

Next, Sky asked "Zeph, how did you attack us with those Dark Pulses?" I didn't know to be honest, "I think that strange woman did something to me when I was out cold... I ain't got a clue how I was knocked out though!" I replied. "Well... Can you still do them?" Sky questioned. "Let's see" I answered.

I held out my hands and tried to focus on creating the energy... When suddenly a jet-black aura emanated from my hands! "Hey, seems I can!" I said when suddenly, I began to lose control of the aura and accidentally fired one! "Look out" I alerted as the Dark Pulse zoomed in Lewis' direction! ...and it went straight through him...

"How? What? B... b... but" I began when Sky interrupted me "that's Lewis' power! He can pass through substances and have substances pass through him!"

"Hang on... does that make you indestructible?" I asked, puzzled. Lewis replied "not quite, I get blackouts when I use it too much..."

Sky then said "Well if that's the case, then we better get you home to the base... You've been using that ability of yours all day!"

Lewis chuckled and agreed to Sky's command.

Sky then made sure we were all fully healed and gave enough time for all of out Pokemon to Rest. Then after that, we all boarded Ignis and started to make our way back to base.

We had a peaceful flight for about 20 minutes when suddenly...

"Ignis! Watch out for those Pokemon" Sky alerted his to Pokemon! There were a flock of Spearow, with a huge Fearow leading them! Ignis clearly avoided them but for some unknown reason, the Fearow became hostile and charged at us with a Drill Peck, and the Spearows followed with a myriad of Aerial Aces! They're was no way of dodging, or intercepting... The bird Pokemon were about to hit us dead on when all of a sudden, Lewis grabbed me and Sky by the arms and touched Ignis' back and made us all Passive! We became a cloud of dark grey aura... The hostile birds missed us and retreated... I noticed the Fearow's eye were a crimson red colour though...

This all coincidentally occurred right before we landed at the base! Sky and myself leaped off of Ignis while Lewis stayed on...

Sky spoke first, saying "Hey Lewis, you saved us again!" However, Lewis didn't reply... Sky got back onto Ignis to take a closer look at Lewis...

"Oh Lord! Zephyr! Get help!" Sky shouted in a panicked tone! "Why" I questioned concerned when suddenly I saw Lewis curled up on Ignis' back clinching his head!

"Oh Arceus!! I'll be right back" I called as I rushed to find our medic, Amanda!


So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!

Last edited by Lewis Big Benn on Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:22 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Burger King (blame them!))
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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 9   Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:56 am

Amanda as the medic, who would have guessed...

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Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 9
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