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 Poke master quiz

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PostSubject: Poke master quiz   Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:27 pm

Hello people!

Felt like asking some tough questions, so here goes:

1. What pokemon can learn Hidden Power [Normal]?

2. What unevolved pokemon has the same attack stat as its final evolution?

3. Name either of the  Fire types to get an Ice move, not counting Hidden Powers?

4. Four pokemon are unable to learn the move Protect. Two of these have no means of temporary learning it either. Which two?

5. True or False: It is possible to get Keldeo with Secret Sword, without changing him to resolute form, in B2W2.

6. How is it possible to OHKO a pokemon with the Sturdy ability, without having it taken prior damage, in a single turn?  

7. Ditto's Imposter ability makes it transform instantly in the opposing pokemon. This Imposter Ditto is now sent in against a Jolteon that isn't behind a sub. It doesn't transform. How come?

8. Brightpowder is banned from standard play, because it enhances the holder's evasion. A Terrakion uses Close Combat against a Snorlax. Snorlax hasnt used any Evasion-boosting moves, Terrakion's accuracy isn't lowered. Close Combat misses though. How is this possible? Just for you, Arieon, Snorlax IS NOT holding the banned Brightpowder item! (PO is a piece of s*** is not correct)

9. Name a not-Dark type pokemon that can use a move with a 50% critical hit rate.

10. Castform can use Weather Ball, which changes power and type to match the weather. What type Weather Ball is Castform's weakest?

Please PM me the answers. Enjoy!

-MNOPYZ Strife (9/10 Pts.)
-Arieon (7/10 Pts.)


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Poke master quiz
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