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 Create-a-Pokémon Topic

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Jaffa Crash
Gym Leader
Gym Leader
Jaffa Crash

PokePartner : Pikachu
Posts : 523
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Age : 21
Location : England, Leeds

PostSubject: Create-a-Pokémon Topic   Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:07 pm

I wanted to make a page for people who want to show off their own creations in the world of Pokémon... So I made this topic Very Happy

So... Get creating I guess... Yay Very Happy

I'm planning on showing off some drawings of mine pretty soon :3


So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!
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Jaffa Crash
Gym Leader
Gym Leader
Jaffa Crash

PokePartner : Pikachu
Posts : 523
Life Tokens : 4497
Join date : 2012-10-02
Age : 21
Location : England, Leeds

PostSubject: ...   Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:01 pm

Zigzaghost & Linoogeist

My first two creations here :3

(Will add Images later...)

Name: Zigzaghost/Linoogeist
Type: Normal/Ghost
Abilities: Scrappy/Gluttony/Quick Feet
Signature Moves
Repossession - Physical - Power 80 - Accuracy 100 - Passes on Status Effects
HP - 28/100
Attack - 41/95
Defence - 30/80
Sp Attack - 41/90
Sp Defence - 30/80
Speed - 70/120

How to get:
Zigzaghost = Have a Zigzagoon Egg hatch at night (50% Chance) or breed Linoogeist
Linoogeist = Evolve Zigzaghost (Lvl 24)


Wow I've been wanting to make this post for AGES! When I was little, in the days of Firered and Emerald, I had two favourite Pokémon - The first was Nidorino from Firered and the Other was Zigzagoon Emerald :3 So I decided to create these two little creatures of the night...

Zigzaghost and Linoogeist have the Unique type combination Normal/Ghost which means that they are the only Pokémon to resist the Normal/Fighting Combo! It also has its own Move called Repossesion! Repossesion works like Psycho Shift only it Deals damage at the same time! Here are 2 example sets that could be used with these guys...

Set 1 - Quick Feet Abuse
Name: Zigzaghost/Linoogeist
Ability: Quick Feet
Item: Toxic Orb (I can't see Flame Orb working...)
Seed Bomb
Attack 252
Speed 252
HP 4

With Toxic Orb, Repossession can pass on Toxic Status with perfect Accuracy (Unlike Toxic). And because you keep passing on your Toxic Staus, you won't take much damage from Poison as the Toxic damage keeps resetting. The move Facade can be used when you want to deal lots of damage and Seed Bomb is just Extra coverage. Extremespeed is obviously for priority or you could use Protect to activate the Toxic Orb. I really wish I could use this set for real though... Also, with Quick Feet and Toxic, you become... Very Quick xD

Set 2 - RestTalk Abuse
Name: Linoogeist
Ability: Quick Feet/Scrappy
Item: Leftovers/Life Orb
Sleep Talk
HP 252
Attack 164
Speed 92

I think that Linoogeist has the bulk for this; With the RestTalk combo, you can dish out plenty of damage with Facade or even put your Opponent to Sleep with Repossession! And if you choose to use Scrappy, Facade and Extremespeed can hit Ghosts. It's a somewhat interesting set albeit a little Gimmicky. Amusingly, if this set were to battle another Zigzaghost/Linoogeist, it wouldn't be able to damage it xD (Unless Scrappy is used) If you're using Quick Feet, your Speed will increase with the Sleep Status. Again... I wish I could use this set...

Base Stat Totals are..
Zigzaghost - 240
Linoogeist - 565

Hopefully not too overpowered... Might change the stats later...


So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!
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Create-a-Pokémon Topic
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