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 Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 21

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 21   Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:17 am

Chapter 21 - Brothers... Together... Whenever
POV - Sapphire - Crystal

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnyyaaaaaaaaargh!!" Zéphyr roared before launching another Dark Pulse! We easily dodged it, and I went to counter with Hydro Vortex! Zéphyr went flying backwards before landing abruptably...

I charged at him to add an Ice Punch to the damage I dealt, but was obstructed by another Dark Pulse! It missed me, but also caused my attack to miss as well...

Suddenly, I turned around to see Zéphyr staring me in the face!

He was about to attack me when all of a sudden, he was interrupted by Lewis, attacking with Sucker Punch! He comboed into a well aimed Air Slash, and then into a high, roundhouse kick to the face!

"Where did he learn that from?" I asked myself, before evading a miss-fired Dark Pulse!

Suddenly, I had a brainwave! "Lewis, over here!" I called, and he obeyed. I was about to explain what I wanted him to do, but he already did it! He became misty and grey... Eventually leaving only a cloud of gray-purple. This was how he looked when using Repossession...

Now I prepared my move and used Hydro Vortex in front of Lewis! Lewis merged with the water, then charged at Zéphyr. "Dreadwater!!" We both roared before Zéphyr was beaten down.

Next, Lewis did something unexpected! He used Repossession, but enterered Zéphyr's body!



POV - Lewis - Lewis Big Benn

It worked! Just like Amanda thought!i was inside Zéphyr's mind... It looked weird though...

There was a house. A deep black house... No windows, and one door... It was secluded on top of a lonely hill...

"Either Zéphyr is an emo... Or something else is here..." I thought to myself...

Naturally, I raced towards the house and entered. Inside the house, there were three locked rooms... I could hear Zéphyr crying in the first one...

I entered the room to see Zéphyr, locked up, inside a steel cage...

I tried to pass through the cage... But couldn't...


Suddenly, Zéphyr noticed me. He sniffled, and said "Lewis... Why are you here..."

"Because I'm your friend... And I want to save you!" I answered. "But I hurt everyone... I killed Amanda... And I nearly killed Arieon and Sky too" he deadpanned, turning his face away.

"Nobody died!" I corrected, reaching my hand through the cage to him. "R...really...?" he asked. "Of course! You wouldn't kill any of us!" I said happily. Then, Zéphyr smiled. The walls of the cage faded, and he let out a few tears of joy.

The happy moment was short lived though... I turned around and the same being that was forged with Zéphyr was glaring into my eyes! I was helpless, as it punched me, dead on in the face... I started to cough up blood... Everything went black...

"Zéphyr... Help me..." I murmured, before fainting...


So Pround... Kinda:

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 21   Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:08 pm

Fighting together like true Brothers! We die together and save each other from harm! Go Lewis and Sapph!
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Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 21
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