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 A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver   Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:04 pm

Have you ever known what it is like to have a true friend? Have you ever had a true friend yourself? Me, I've been blessed to have had many true friends over the years! But one of the most friendliest of friends I have has been at my side for many years...

One day, when I was about 12 years old, I was relaxing in the park with my little buddy, Ignis! Back then, he was a small, young Bagon! Me and Ignis had spent the day relaxing when we were rudely interupted by a group of foul-mouthed teens...

"Oi you!" One of the thugs bellowed at me before grabbing me by the collar and pulling me to his face! "Have you seen a little kid with a Shiny Nidoran round here!?" He questioned be, spitting at my face...

"No I have not!" I stated, before ripping myself out of his hold and running away!

"Oi kid! Come back here!" The teen commanded, expecting me to actually obey him...

Me and Ignis ran to a less secluded area, so there was less chance of those thugs reappearing. Those teens were part of an old gang known as 'The Sludge Hunters' and were always trying to steal rare Pokémon, mainly Poison Types!

I tried to forget about that close encounter and looked for a nice spot to relax again... Only I was in the Battle Field area... the most dense area in the park (And probably the City too!).

I eventually found a free bench and sat down, with Ignis on my lap. "Hey buddy, you ok?" I asked my little Dragon, but he was too busy watching a nearby Battle between a Fraxure and a Murkrow! "Baagon! Gon! Gon!" He started cheering, presumably for the Fraxure! "Hey, I hope he wins too" I said, before noticing the figure who had just sat next to me...

"Come on Prince!!" The boy next to me called, followed by a "Niiiiidoooooo" from an incoming Nidoran! The little Poison creature charged into his trainer, shaking the whole bench as he did! "Woah!" I shouted, while Ignis cried "Baaaagooon!!" Before falling off my lap and onto the floor!

"Prince! You don't need to charge that fast!" The boy told his Nidoran, causing the little fiend to giggle with joy...

"I'm sorry" The boy apologised, looking at me. "No worries, no one was hurt" I said, picking up Ignis who frowned upon my statement.

It was then I noticed something odd about the Nidoran - It was blue! "Hey, why is your Nidoran blue?" I questioned, amazed by the rare sight! Then the boy answered "That's the way he was when he hatched" smiling as he spoke.

I liked this kid. He was energetic and funny! "Sorry, my name's Sky! And this is Ignis" I said, introducing myself and Ignis. The boy responded by saying "That's a cool name! I'm Lewis and this is Prince!" While cuddling Prince close to his body!

"Well it's nice to meet you Lewis!" I said, smiling. Lewis stood up, saying "It's nice to meet a cool guy like you too! But was there a reason you came to the Battle Field?"

I forgot the main reason why I had retreated here in the first place and followed his action, saying "If your looking for a battle, then you're on!"

Lewis smiled and we brought Ignis and Prince to a clear space for a Battle!

"One on one?" I asked, as at the time, Ignis was my only Pokemon. Lewis agreed, also admitting he only had a single Pokemon!

"The battle shall start in three... Two... One... Go!" I shouted, before a heated battle commenced!

This was the first of many Battles that I had with Lewis over the years... And honestly, this one was my favourite!

"Focus Energy!" Both me and Lewis called at the same time! Both Ignis and Prince obeyed, and used Focus Energy! "A similar tactic?" I said to myself before trying to debate the next attack. After Lewis made no move, I called to Ignis "Headbutt now!" And he began to charge at Prince! Lewis still made no move, and Prince had to take a clean Headbutt! But he seemed un-phased by the attack... And smiled. I then suddenly realised the trap I'd fallen into and Lewis called "Double Kick!" Commencing Prince to kick Ignis twice in the face! I think the second hit was Critical, as it sent Ignis flying across the Battle Field! "Baaaagooon!" Ignis winced as he was sent away! He showed only willpower however, as he stood back up quickly, and began to charge with another Headbutt! "Prince! Sucker Punch!" Lewis commanded before Prince disappeared for a second, and reappeared behind Ignis and knocking him down to the ground, face collecting dirt as he tumbled...

Ignis was now angry and used Rage to counter attack! Lewis didn't expect this attack coming and watched Ignis attack Prince, possibly landing a Critical hit as he did so!

This time it was Prince who cried in pain as he was hurled across a long distance!

Prince still stood however, and began preparing for his Trainer's next command!

Then, me and Lewis both called out at the same time "Dragon Claw!" And "Poison Jab!" Respectively. Our Pokemon started to run at each over, and both attacked, causing a small explosion to erupt! "Ignis!" I cried out while Lewis cried "Prince!"

We both ran to the scene to find two koed Pokemon...

"Return Ignis" I said, returning him to his ball. "Prince, return..." Lewis said sadly, but turned to me with a smiling face! "So who won?" Lewis asked, confused. "I think it was a draw!" I answered, shaking hands with my worthy opponent! "I'm heading for the Pokemon Centre now... Wanna join me?" I suggested. Lewis nodded, and followed me to the nearest Pokemon Centre, just outside the park.

After me and Lewis had Ignis and Prince healed, we went to a nearby café called 'Dunsparce's Diner'. We shared a meal, discussing what we want to do as trainers. "When I grow up, I want to become a master of Dragons!" I told Lewis, causing him to smile enthusiastically! "That sounds amazing! Can I help you!?" Lewis asked happily! "If you want to, we could go on a journey together!" I suggested, causing Lewis to erupt with joy!

We left the diner, and started walking down the street when Lewis suggested "How about we let Ignis and Prince out?"

I agreed and our Pokemon were released. They were surprisingly happy to see each over again, and ran up to each over, and began to hug!

Suddenly, Ignis and Prince began to glow! "They're evolving!" I shouted while Lewis cheered excitedly!

After a short while, the two ceased their glowing, revealing a newly evolved Shelgon, and a newly evolved Nidorino! "Gon?" "Nido?!" The two questioned confused, ending their little hus. "Hey Lewis..." I started. "What is it Sky?" Lewis asked, still amazed by our achievements! "I think we've got one hell of an epic journey ahead!" I finished, before we continued on, embarking on a long, challenging and epic quest!

And since that day... We've been best friends!


So Pround... Kinda:

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PostSubject: Re: A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver   Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:30 am

Thanks friend I love you This is awesome!!! And it got that bit of Lewis :3


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PostSubject: Re: A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver   Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:22 pm

This was very cool! Touching :3.
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PostSubject: Re: A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver   

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A Friend For The Dragon - For SkyDriver
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