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 Umbreon's bug gym

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PostSubject: Umbreon's bug gym   Umbreon's bug gym Icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 2:04 pm

Hello there my name is Umbreon and I own the Bug type Gym.
- You May Challenge me Once per 24 Hours (Unless I say Otherwise)
- Drizzle + Swift Swim is Banned
- Drought + Chlorophll is Banned
- Banned Items include: Bright Powder
- Banned Abilities Include: Moody, Sand Veil, Snow Cloak
- Smash/Pass is Banned
- The Tier is Wifi OU
- No Sore losing ;D (This will result in a longer time until you may try again!).
- You May only have 2 Advantage Pokemon.
- However, multiple Type resistant Pokémon is acceptable
- In the event of a Draw, you may retry straight away.
- Have Fun! (Yes, This is a Rule!)
- Follow the story (My Gym is special like this Very Happy)
- The Tornado Trio is banned.
- Quick Claw is banned also.

If you beat me you get the Buzz Badge!:
Umbreon's bug gym Badge_12
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Umbreon's bug gym Empty
PostSubject: Re: Umbreon's bug gym   Umbreon's bug gym Icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 11:32 am

Plagiarism. You can't just copy the rules someone else has written, without crediting them, and, above all, some of the rules don't even apply to your gym. The Tornado Trio being banned also is a rule not allowed. This combined with great inactivity causes the closing ofyour gym.

Umbreon's bug gym Sky_ch10
Umbreon's bug gym Murkrow
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Umbreon's bug gym
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