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 Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:27 pm

Chapter 30 - Shh! it's a Secret!
POV - Sky - SkyDriver

One week after the Darkrai incident and everyone was getting along again! Amanda and Zéphyr made up and were friends again.

We were now training our Pokémon in the Training Field...

"Surf now!" Sapphire commanded Cutie. "Dodger, dodge it!" Lewis told his Pokémon who obeyed and evaded the incoming attack!

"Ok Lewis... I know it's in his name... But that's the twelfth time he's dodged that attack now!" Sapphire shouted getting somewhat frustrated. He was right though, Cutie had used Surf so many times now that the area was starting to become flooded! Lewis just giggled and said "Substitute!" Drifblim spun round and vanished in a puff of smoke, replacing himself with a small, stuffed toy!

"Well that was random..." Sapphire stated, staring at the Substitute. "Randomness wins battles!" Lewis claimed in a fun tone. Sapphire laughed and the battle continued...

It was interesting to watch the contrast in battle styles between each member of P4L: Sapphire preferred to keep a constant offence while Lewis liked to utilise his Pokémon's Speed and evade moves until there was a chance to attack...

"Cutie, try Rain Dance" Sapphire suggested to his Pokémon. Cutie obeyed and made it rain!

"Eeep! Rain!" I heard Amanda squeal as she ran inside the base for cover!

I chuckled, and continued watching the battle, despite the rain. Fortunately, I had a kind friend who covered me with his giant wing. "Mence" Ignis quietly murmured, looking into my face. "Cheers buddy!" I thanked him for his loyalty.

I didn't want my friend to have to endure the cold rain for too long though, especially since this battle wasn't going to end any time soon... So I brought Ignis with me indoors and we warmed up with a pair of hot chocolates. "Salamence..." Ignis whined as he glared at his beverage. "Want more cream with it?" I suggested, and he perked up and started making excited Dragon growls!

I love it when Ignis acts like this. It reminds when of when he was just a Bagon. I remember when I first found him, he was just an Egg. I was traveling in the Royal Mountains area and came across a particularly old looking Salamence, he was protecting an Egg , but was constantly coughing and choking. I tried to walk up to the elderly Dragon, but he was hesitant at first. Eventuly though, he let me near him and I recovered his health with a Full Restore. He quietly murmured "Sala..." and placed a wrinkly foot on my hand. I didn't know at the time, but apparently he was giving me a Dragon's Blessing... Next, he looked at his Egg, and signalled to me to rest on his side. I lay on his side could feel his massive Dragon heart beating... Faintly. It was just then that I couldn't help but wonder where his female partner could be. I could only assume she was in a happier place...

Suddenly, the Egg started moving! After a few anxious seconds, the Egg fully hatched, revealing a newborn Bagon! It stared at us confusedly, then waddled clumsily towards his Father and fell fast asleep.

The large Salamence smiled proudly... And at first I thought he was falling asleep as well... But then I couldn't feel his heartbeat anymore... He passed away...

To say I was shocked was an understatement. A mighty Pokémon died right infront of me...

I turned towards the sleeping Bagon. Poor little guy. He hadn't even lived for one minute and he was already a orphan... I had to take care of him. And now years later, I have the greatest friend anyone could have!

I was rummaging around the refrigerator for the cream when I found something odd in he back. It was a box which was labelled 'Do not Open!' I found this odd, and despite the message, I ended opening the box anyway...

Inside the box were two things: The first was what seemed like a list of reminders. It had things like 'Tidy Bedroom' and 'Sort Out Database'. I could assume from the second of those that his belonged to Amanda... But there was one suspicious item on the list which stated 'Check up on Little one'. "Little one?" I mentally asked myself before looking at the second object in the box - It was an infant bottle. "Amanda, what are you..." I started before being inturupted by a loud "Didn't you read!? It said 'Do not Open!!' So why did you open!?"

I turned around with the objects still in my hand to find Amanda stood there with a Pokémon Egg! "Amanda! When did you find an Egg!?" I questioned, still startled from her screeching voice!

"It was supposed to be a secret..." Amanda started before saying "I've had it since the Diabolus started his war..."

This confused me. I said "But the war started three years ago... Eggs don't take nearly this long to hatch!"

Amanda looked a little sad and said "It belonged to my first Pokémon... Scarlet. She was a Blaziken... And she was stolen from me..."

I felt guilty for having to bring up this subject on her... But she continued "When she was stolen from me, I was left with her Egg - Which had been cursed by a witch sent by the Diabolus"

She looked down at the orange Egg, and let a single tear fall. But she kept a strong face and continued towards me. She took the items from me and said "I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone" giving a weak smile as she spoke. "Yeah... Sure" I reassured her and helped her hide her items again. She thanked me and went away with the Egg. After she left I returned to my hunt for the cream, and added it to the two still hot, hot chocolates. Ignis was happy to receive the sweet drink, and started slurping it through his straw!

It was a peaceful, cosy few minutes until a pair of soaked brothers came swelching through the door. They were drenched from head to toe in water!

"So who won?" I asked, amused from the sorry looking pair. Lewis spoke first, saying "Well Dodger learned how to use a new move!" then Sapphire finished, saying "Explosion..."

"Wow..." I began, before finishing "How anticlimactic..."

"It was awesome!!" Lewis happily shouted, bouncing as he spoke! Sapphire brought Lewis away to get changed, just as Arieon came walking in with some important news. "Hey Arieon!" I greeted, smiling to him. But Arieon kept a serious face. "Sky... We've found the location of a new Guidance Shard on the radar..." He informed. "Great, where is it?" I asked still smiling. He simply finished "...Royal Mountains


So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30   Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:05 pm

I love how these last chapters are so long Very Happy nice one again lewis! Just feeling the calmth ;3


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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30   Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:48 pm

Loving these Chapters! :3 BigBro Approves.
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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30   

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Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 30
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