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 X/Y NEWS!!!

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PostSubject: X/Y NEWS!!!   Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:49 pm

POKEMON NEWS! I'm surprised no one has started a topic on this yet. well let me review all of the new information i've learned lately about 6th gen we are getting so much new stuff this gen. Mega evolutions for example i won't list any here because you could just look them up on serebii.net but one notable one is that mewtwo x looks like frieza. Electric types can't be paralyzed anymore. ghost type are no longer effected by trapping moves like mean look. And grass types are no longer effected by moves like poison powder stun spore and spore. Fairy is super effective against fighting, dragon and dark. and is weak to steel and poison. resist bug, dark and fighting. immune to dragon. and fire and steel and poison resist fairy. some more big new. Steel no longer resist ghost and steel!. Gengar would be so OU now. gengar has been ou since the start and now its gonna be ou of ou. since like all of its checks were steel types. And it will be super effective against fairy with stab sludge bomb. Focus blast and shadow ball. It will wreck. pokemon like skarmory and bronzong aren't all they used to be now. and especially honedge it no longer has all of those resistance but 2 more weaknesses. But i still bit honedge will be used for its defensive typing that just got a bit less defensive. the typing changes are the real big things that i wanted to talk about there's too much new stuff for me to go rant on and on about. But i shall eventually Very Happy



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