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 Team building w/ Sorin <3

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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Team building w/ Sorin <3   Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:23 am

(17:41:25) Back in Black: Im building a LC team, can you help?
(17:41:37) Back in Black: I've got SS Tirtouga and Scarf Gastly
(17:42:42) Back in Black: My weakness: Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ghost
(17:43:00) Back in Black: So I need a ground-dark pokemon aka Sandile
(17:43:15) [P4L]Sorin: mmm add misdreavus
(17:43:18) Back in Black: cant
(17:43:25) [P4L]Sorin: she counters psychich and ghost
(17:43:28) [P4L]Sorin: wynaut?
(17:43:31) Back in Black: banned by smogon and this is for a PS league
(17:43:36) [P4L]Sorin: oh s***
(17:43:41) [P4L]Sorin: mmmm
(17:43:43) Back in Black: http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/tags/lc
(17:43:52) Back in Black: and I can't use Sneasel ;-;
(17:43:56) *** Back in Black starts crying
(17:44:04) Back in Black changed names and is now known as [P4L]legolover8.
(17:44:12) Yveltal the AFK left the channel.
(17:44:14) [P4L]Sorin: meditite?
(17:44:27) [P4L]legolover8: is also banned
(17:44:31) [P4L]Sorin: croagunk?
(17:44:40) [P4L]Sorin: vullaby should be a most
(17:44:44) [P4L]Sorin: since he's soo op
(17:45:01) [P4L]Sorin: onix is good too
(17:45:03) [P4L]legolover8: Gligar Meditite Misdreavus Murkrow Scyther Snesel Swirlix Tangela Yanma
(17:45:06) [P4L]Sorin: but he's kinda weak
(17:45:14) [P4L]legolover8: so what about Sandile
(17:45:20) [P4L]Sorin: yeah he is a must
(17:45:35) [P4L]Sorin: tirtouga, ghastly, sandile and maybe vullaby
(17:45:43) [P4L]Sorin: maybe ponyta
(17:45:48) [P4L]Sorin: so she can take grass moves
(17:45:51) [P4L]legolover8: that adds another weakness to grass and also water, fighting,
(17:45:52) [P4L]Sorin: and ice
(17:45:58) [P4L]legolover8: and ice yeah
(17:46:06) [P4L]legolover8: so Litwic?
(17:46:16) [P4L]legolover8: removes fighting, ice and grass
(17:46:20) [P4L]Sorin: mmm two ghosts?
(17:46:30) [P4L]legolover8: good point, I need a spinner
(17:46:31) [P4L]Sorin: but it keeps water and ground
(17:46:36) [P4L]legolover8: and have a rocker in Sandile
(17:46:40) [P4L]Sorin: yeah
(17:46:44) [P4L]Sorin: isn't golete a spiner?
(17:47:09) [P4L]legolover8: nope
(17:50:21) [P4L]legolover8: drilbur is a spinner, but I already have a ground type
(17:50:30) ┬▒CommandBot: The command tentacool doesn't exist
(17:50:33) [P4L]legolover8: .!Tentacool
(17:50:58) [P4L]legolover8: Tentacool isnt banned Very Happy
(17:51:41) obey to kyubey left the channel.
(17:52:43) [P4L]Sorin: yay
(17:52:47) [P4L]Sorin: and he resist grass too
(17:52:48) [P4L]Sorin: and ice
(17:52:49) [P4L]Sorin: and fire
(17:52:51) [P4L]Sorin: and fairy
(17:54:17) [P4L]legolover8: so tentacool is great and works well with sandile
(17:54:21) [P4L]legolover8: really well
(17:55:10) [P4L]Sorin: yup
(17:55:29) [P4L]legolover8: AMAZINGLY well
(17:55:31) [P4L]Sorin: soo tirtouga, ghastly, tentacool and sandile
(17:55:36) [P4L]legolover8: so far anyway
(17:55:39) [P4L]Sorin: mmm
(17:55:44) [P4L]legolover8: would mienfoo work?
(17:55:55) [P4L]Sorin: he can give momentum to the team
(17:56:09) [P4L]legolover8: weaknesses wise
(17:56:24) [P4L]Sorin: he resists normal, rock, steel
(17:56:37) [P4L]legolover8: psychic might be a problem though if Sandile dies
(17:56:39) [P4L]Sorin: and is weak to psychich, fairy
(17:56:52) [P4L]Sorin: mmm
(17:56:58) [P4L]legolover8: because of Mienfoo, Gastly and Cool
(17:57:36) [P4L]Sorin: mmm is carvanha allowed?
(17:57:55) [P4L]Sorin: oh and Inkay can be great
(17:57:59) [P4L]Sorin: only weakness is bug
(17:58:09) [P4L]legolover8: yeah
(17:58:49) [P4L]legolover8: GTG need to go buy sweets for people trick or treating, ill be back soon
(17:58:57) [P4L]Sorin: bai
(17:59:09) [P4L]legolover8 is idling.
(18:05:19) [P4L]legolover8: back
(18:05:24) [P4L]legolover8 is active and ready for battles.
(18:05:49) [P4L]legolover8: houndour?
(18:06:53) [P4L]legolover8: houndour takes care of bugs, psycic and stuff but weakness to ground water fighting rock
(18:07:02) [P4L]legolover8: houndour or vullaby
(18:08:28) [P4L]legolover8: a[P4L]Sorin
(18:09:38) [P4L]Sorin: wb
(18:09:45) [P4L]Sorin: mmm
(18:10:06) [P4L]Sorin: houndour is weak to ground, water, fighting and rock
(18:10:20) [P4L]Sorin: and vullaby is to electric, rock
(18:10:30) [P4L]legolover8: I think vullaby fits better
(18:10:35) [P4L]legolover8: tbh
(18:10:36) [P4L]Sorin: and with a NP can rek teams
(18:10:37) [P4L]Sorin: yeah
(18:10:44) [P4L]Sorin: since it bring less weaknesses
(18:10:49) [P4L]Sorin: and can do a variety of roles
(18:10:51) [P4L]legolover8: but then I get rekd by electric
(18:10:56) [P4L]Sorin: sandile
(18:10:59) [P4L]legolover8: meh this'll do for now
(18:11:07) [P4L]Sorin: Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Team building w/ Sorin <3   Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:47 am

Tentacool doesn't resist Grass.


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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

PokePartner : Sneasel
Posts : 155
Life Tokens : 2796
Join date : 2012-09-26
Location : Having a sunbath in Olivine

PostSubject: Re: Team building w/ Sorin <3   Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:48 am

SkyDriver wrote:
Tentacool doesn't resist Grass.

Anyway I have Vullaby and Gastly which stops grass Razz
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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

PokePartner : Gengar
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PostSubject: Re: Team building w/ Sorin <3   Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:45 pm

Wow that Sorin chap is a complete nubster!!!

Never ever let him teambuild or help you teambuild!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Team building w/ Sorin <3   

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Team building w/ Sorin <3
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