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PostSubject: Pokemon Fanfic   Pokemon Fanfic Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 12:50 pm

The plot of this story is after Ash getting defeated in the Sinnoh League. He has a small quarrel with his friends who blame Ash for his defeat in the league. Only May supports him. Ash gets angry and leaves Pallet town to be stronger and to achieve his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master. He doesn’t inform any of his friends. Realizing his past mistakes, he starts working with his Pokémon. His exploits as Roger Silverstone fighting his way through criminal organizations and Pokémon Leagues is shown in the story.
Contest shipping throughout the story. Max and Dawn have a crush on each other. Brock is married to Pike Queen Lucy.

I do not own Pokémon its Trademark or anything related to the games or animé except the fake names of the main characters and the plot of the story. I do not get any monetary benefit for doing this and this is just for entertainment.

Ash/Roger Silverstone-19
May/Rachel Stevenson-17

Chapter One-Path to the Pokémon League

The sun rays touched the lush green leaves making the dew drops on them to sparkle brightly. The town, as usual, was quiet. The only structures in the town were small houses scattered around the place and at the end, a building that was quite different in shape and size. There was a huge space behind the building and a few Pokémon were seen lying down lazily. A windmill was seen near a pond that was behind the ranch.
Inside the building, a few people sat around a huge table. An old man sitting at a corner wearing a white lab coat and red shirt looked at the others before speaking, “Now Max,! ”, he smiled at a young boy sitting opposite him. “Congratulations on defeating all the gyms in Kanto. Now you can enter in the Indigo League Championship. We all intend to come at the Indigo Plateau and cheer for you. Then comes the special news. From this year, the Pokémon League will hold a Tag Team Contest Battle Tournament. You can choose your partner. You have two weeks time left for registering yourself. So, we have to leave soon.”
Max smiled back, “Thank you Professor. It is really good to hear that all are gonna come. I wish they were with us too.” As Max muttered the last sentence, everyone’s face went pale. Brock the squinty eyed breeder looked down. He remembered his travelling companion and best friend.

A raven haired young boy sat among his friends. He was petting his small yellow Pokémon-Pikachu. He looked at his friends. Brock spoke up, “Ash, I seriously think that you have to train more. You saw how brutal Tobias was and how ruthless he battled.” A red haired girl moved forward to face Ash. She was wearing a yellow dress and had tied her short red hair at the side of her head. She glared at the young trainer, “Ash, you should have thought more about the battle. You used all your inexperienced Pokémon against that Tobias except for Sceptile and Pikachu that is. And they were the only ones who could land some proper hits.”
A fair looking boy about the same age as Ash sneered, “Ashy-boy, you have so many strong Pokémon with you. Why didn’t you select them? When are you gonna think properly while battling?” Ash raised his head slowly, “I…I…I don’t know what to do. I worked so hard, defeated my strongest rival but still, I was just thrown out of the League by some jerk who just came up with those legendaries. He even said that he hadn’t used his strongest yet. It means that I am no match for him.”
A girl completely covered in red-a red tank top, small pants that reached to her knees and brown hairs covered with a red bandana looked at her friend affectionately. “Ash, I know how it feels to be defeated when you are so close to victory. I had the same experience in the Johto Grand Festival. But don’t feel so down.” Ash smiled weakly at his friend. “But still Ashy-boy,” Gary cut in, “You should be more planned and ready for your battles. This is not the first time you are doing this mistake.”
Pikachu glared furiously at Gary. Ash sighed and got up to leave. Without speaking a word, he went towards the ranch to see his Pokémon. He started gathering his Pokémon near the pond and started talking to them in a low voice.
As Gary walked to the ranch, he saw his grandfather, Professor Oak talking with his assistant Tracey. Gary looked at the researcher, “What’s up Grandpa?” Professor Oak looked a bit worried, “Ash’s Pokémon are missing.” Gary’s sleepy mood flew away. “What??? But how is it possible??” Suddenly Delia-Ash’s mother came running towards the Professor. Tears were running through her cheeks. She was sobbing uncontrollably. She held up a small letter. Prof. Oak took the letter and looked at it.
A few words were scribbled in a very neat and clean handwriting. It was Ash’s handwriting:-
Mom, Professor Oak and all my friends,
You all were right. I was overconfident. I regret it now. I want to rectify my errors. I am gonna train hard and achieve my dream to be a Pokémon Master. Please do not try to follow me. I shall return to all of you when I shall become stronger. Max wanted to fight against me since he got his Pokémon. He will get the battle when I come back. I have to go. Forgive me for doing this to you.
Ash Ketchum


Brock remembered the day very clearly. All his friends were shocked when they heard the news. May broke down when she learned the fact. She accused Brock, Misty and Gary for blaming Ash. But what followed was more than what had happened. Exactly after one year of Ash’s disappearance, May was kidnapped from her home. Only thing found was a threatening note that said not to try finding May.
Max missed his sister and his idol. Norman, Max’s father and the Petalburg City Gym leader tried to ease the environment. “So Misty and Brock, how have been things at the Cerulean and Pewter Gyms?” Misty smiled weakly, “Its running well. There have been many challengers but only a few like Max win. But the most notable Challenger was one shady guy. He had come with a girl of his age.” Max perked up. “What is so special with that guy?”
“He said he was from Sinnoh. So I asked for a six-on-six battle. He used only water Pokémon. He had all the four fully evolved water starters and even a Milotic and a Lapras. My Pokémon were no match at all. I couldn’t take out even one of his Pokémon. He switched Pokémon every time he beat my Pokémon.” Misty shivered at the thought. “And surprisingly, he didn’t take the badge saying he had one already which I don’t know how he got.”
Brock stared at his friend, “Same here. Forrest was swept by rock types owned by a guy from Sinnoh. I had seen the battle. He had a Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Aerodactyl, Armaldo, Cradily and a Rampardos. It was unbelievable. The moves used by those Pokémon were incredible and very versatile. He didn’t even take the badge.”
Max looked at his elder friends wide eyed. “But how? How can someone be that powerful? How can anyone get all the starters? Why would he refuse the badge?” Norman nodded in agreement. Professor Oak looked puzzled.
Gary suddenly interrupted, “It is true. I have been hearing about this shady guy who has defeated every Kanto Gym using the Pokémon of the type the Gym Leader is specialized in. None of his Pokémon have been knocked out yet. The best of his Gym battles is against Lt. Surge. I saw the video footage taken specially to learn about him. He used an Electivire, Luxray, Magnezone, Ampharos, Manectric and a Raichu. His Raichu was really amazing. And the most surprising fact is that the guy never gave verbal commands.”
“I was stunned when his Pokémon attacked on their own.”, Misty stated. “No Misty, you are wrong there. I am sure that he communicates with his Pokemon using some odd power like Telepathy or Aura. A Lucario and an Alakazam were seen with him in the Saffron City.” Gary corrected. Max shivered slightly. “What if I face him at the League?” Norman held slightly to his son’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. You will be okay. Are you gonna register for the double contest battle? If yes, then who will be your partner?”
Misty looked at Max with an evil smile, “Who else, it has to be Dawn. Am I right Max?” Max blushed furiously at the red-head’s comment. He nodded slightly. Professor Oak got up from his seat and looked at all others, “Okay. Now that it is decided, you all can move to the Indigo Plateau. I shall come with Tracey on the day Max has his first battle.”
As everyone got up to leave, Max thought about what his friends had said and rushed out to the ranch to meet his Pokémon. He wanted to talk to all of his Pokémon before he left for the Indigo League. The day ended everyone talking about Max’s victories and asking him about his journey.
The next morning, everyone was ready to leave. They left in the new car Gary had bought. Max’s parents Norman and Caroline had decided to stay back and reach the League with Professor Oak. As they reached Viridian City, a blue haired girl stood before them. She wore a pink top, small white skirt and a white snow cap. “Dawn!”, Max exclaimed. Misty giggled at the sight. Picking up Dawn, they continued their journey.


Max and Dawn rushed to the counter. “Nurse Joy, could you heal our Pokémon please?”, The nurse looked at them and smiled. “Of course. That is my job.” Both of them handed over their Poke balls to Nurse Joy. They had just reached the Indigo Plateau and the excited participants had rushed to get themselves registered. “Here you are. All your Pokémon have been healed and they are in top condition. Do you want to get registered?.” The young couple smiled at each other. “Yes. We want to register ourselves for the Tag Team Contest Battle Tournament and I want to register even for the Indigo League Championship.”, Max exclaimed. “Sure young man. Can I have a look at your Pokédex and badges?” Max showed all his badges and Nurse Joy quickly registered him for the Championship and for the Contest Tournament along with Dawn.
As they thanked Nurse Joy and turned around, a huge blast occurred outside the building. They rushed out to see what it was about and were shook by an ear-piercing roar. They came out and saw a huge Pokémon being recalled into a Poke ball.
Chapter Two-The awaited battle

A young man clad in black recalled his Salamence. The black haired trainer was wearing a black shirt that showed off his muscular body, a pair of black jeans, black gloves, black shoes, a black sports watch, a black cap and a small thread was around his neck that had a half-ribbon fixed to it. He carried a black backpack. On his left arm, the letters “A” and “M” were tattooed while on the right was a small symbol with fire and thunderbolt marks.
He bent down to pet his Raichu. “Well, you again beat him. It is really incredible that you always maintain a spot in the top ten.” Max and Dawn came running. “Excuse me, what happened here?”, Max enquired the unknown trainer. The man turned around and looked at the trainers. “Uhh.. It’s nothing..My Pokémon were having their usual sparring battle. They battle each other to determine my top ten Pokémon.”, the trainer smiled. Max and Dawn felt their jaws drop.
“Your Pokémon battle each other? And you don’t stop them? How can you let them do that? That is not fair. They can’t be in sync during double battles if they have rivalries.”, Max exclaimed. The trainer laughed loudly and then gazed into the youngster’s eyes. “You do think so? I can prove you wrong. I can show you that my Pokémon are some of the best.” Max sneered, “You think you can beat me? Then we challenge you for a battle. A double battle.” The man smiled, “Fine with me. Can Brock referee?”, he pointed towards the group that was reaching the building.
Max called the group and explained the situation to them Brock readily accepted to referee. Brock and Gary warned Max that it was the trainer who defeated all gym leaders in six-on-six battles. But Max didn’t seem to care. Both the trainers stood facing each other. “Roger Silverstone is the name. Remember it after losing.”, the young man taunted. Max smirked, “You’ll see who loses.”
Brock raised his hands, “This is a double battle. Roger Silverstone of Sinnoh facing Max Maple of Petalburg city and Dawn Berlitz of Twinleaf Town. Dawn and Max may use one Pokémon while Roger will use two Pokémon. Direct elimination. Let the battle begin.” Roger smiled and took out two Poke balls,
“Slaking, Gengar. Battle stance.”
A huge ape formed alongside a ghost that kept on grinning at its opponents. Max and Dawn threw their Poke balls.
“Slaking, fight them.”
“Empoleon, spotlight.”
Another Slaking appeared. This one was noticeably small. Beside it, a blue coloured penguin Pokémon landed. It looked like it was wearing a tuxedo. It also had a sharp beak and two horn-like protrusions.
Roger looked at the Empoleon in disbelief. “So, he evolved? Impressive.”, he muttered under his breath, “Okay guys. This time no silence. I’m gonna give real commands. Gengar, Skill swap.”
“Gengar.” The ghost type’s eyes flashed blue and a similar aura engulfed Roger’s Slaking. Dawn ordered for a Drill peck. As the Empoleon rushed forward spinning, Roger smiled again. “Protect Gengar with Hammer Arm.” Roger’s Slaking stood between his partner and opponent. He raised his right hand and hit Empoleon. Gary looked at the battle field with interest. “He used Skill Swap to negate Truant from Slaking. That is a very powerful strategy. And then his Slaking cancelled a flying type move with a fighting type move. That Slaking is strong like hell.” “It sure is.”, Misty agreed.
Max shouted, “Slaking, use Hyper beam.” An Orange beam of energy was released from Slaking’s mouth. “Duck down Slaking. Gengar, take it and use Skill swap on Empoleon.” Roger’s Slaking laid down on the ground evading the attack while the beam didn’t affect Gengar at all. Once again Gengar repeated its move swapping abilities with Empoleon. Misty looked at the trainer with awe, “Man. That is amazing. Using Skill swap is okay. But he gave Truant to other one of opponent’s Pokémon.”
“Empoleon, use Hydro pump.”, Dawn shouted but her starter didn’t budge. “What happened?”, she screeched. Max looked down, “Dawn, he passed on his Slaking’s Truant to Empoleon. Now both of our Pokémon would move only once per two turns.”
“Gengar, end it with Thunderbolt and Slaking, give a finishing Focus punch.”, Roger smiled. Gengar gave out an evil grin as he shot a wicked Thunderbolt at Empoleon. The Emperor Pokémon screeched loudly and fell down with swirls in its eyes. The Slaking gave an uppercut to its opposing Slaking. Max’s Slaking flew across the field and hit a nearby tree crushing it. Without another thought, Brock raised his left hand, “Max’s Slaking and Dawn’s Empoleon are unable to battle. Gengar and Slaking win. The victor is Roger Silverstone from Sinnoh.”
Roger recalled his Pokémon. “Thanks guys. You both did it with perfection. So, Max, do you now feel that my Pokémon cannot fight together?” After recalling their Pokémon, Max and Dawn turned towards Roger. Max shook his head. “No. I was wrong. I’m sorry. But your Pokémon were awesome. That Focus punch had some real power.” Roger rubbed his neck, “He he. It’s nothing. They aren’t even trained much. They are some of my new Pokémon.”
Max looked at his new found idol with disbelief. “They are new? Then how much strong are your old Pokémon?” Roger laughed again. “To know that, you’ll have to wait for the tournament to begin.” Brock and Gary walked up to them. “So, you are participating in the League?”, Brock enquired. The trainer smiled, “Yes Brock., he turned towards the young researcher, “Hello Gary.” then looked back at Max, “And yeah, you will battle me in the final. I’m sure about that.”
Gary gave him a puzzled look, “How do you know our names?” Roger smiled and whistled. His Raichu came running. He picked up his Pokémon and looked at Gary, “To know a famous breeder and a famous researcher is not a great deal. I gotta register. I shall see you later.” Saying this, he walked towards the building. Misty and Dawn tried to talk to him but he didn’t notice them.
“Pidgeot!!!!”, a huge Pidgeot glided down and tackled Roger. “Hey buddy, how are you doing?”, he asked as the Raichu rubbed its cheeks on Pidgeot’s fur. All the people standing behind were noticing. “Didn’t you bring them with you?”, he asked the bird Pokémon. The hawk nodded and pointed its wing towards the sky.
At the other end of the horizon, a small dot appeared. Within a few seconds, it reached near them. Another Pidgeot. This one was smaller but had a golden tint to its feathers. Brock gasped, “A shiny Pidgeot.” A figure dressed like Roger jumped from the bird’s back and hugged him tightly. He hugged back and kissed the girl on the forehead, “What took you so long?” The girl looked at him angrily, “Your Pidgeot doesn’t slow down. My Pidgeot was tired.”
The girl wore dress similar to Roger-everything in black and around her neck was a half ribbon that matched with the one that Roger wore. Even the tattoos on her hands were the same. Only her hairs were brown. A Raichu jumped from her shoulder and nuzzled towards Roger’s Raichu. They laughed and turned towards the group of people standing behind. “Oh hey guys, meet my girlfriend Rachel Stevenson.”
Chapter Three-Introductions and Training

The young couple walked towards Brock. Rachel smiled at the Breeder. “Hello Brock.” Brock gulped as he eyed the girl’s body but suddenly remembered the strength of her boyfriend’s Pokémon. He moved his eyes towards her sapphire eyes. “Um… Hi…” Gary stared at the girl with his eyes wide. Roger snapped, “Helloo, earth to Gary. Are you here?” The sudden question and the intimidating voice made a cold shiver run down his spine. The researcher smiled, “Uh um…Hello Rachel. Are you a trainer too?” The girl smiled back, “Yes Gary. I am a co-ordinator too.”
Dawn had a look of disbelief on her face, “Misty, can you believe it? That guy is such a powerful trainer and now his girlfriend is the most known co-ordinator. Same as shady as her boyfriend. In the last Johto Grand Festival, this girl was the winner and she had absolutely destroyed Solidad with amazing combinations. I am afraid that we will have to face them in the double battle tournament.” Misty looked at her friend and pat her back slowly. “Don’t worry Dawn. If you and Max practice properly with each other, you can pull off a victory. By the way, you have got enough time as the Tournament will begin only after the fifth round of the league battles. So be cool.”
Rachel walked towards Dawn and Misty. “Hello Dawn. Hi Misty. It is a pleasure to meet all such famous people at a place together.” Misty and Dawn grinned sheepishly, “Well, these days, you guys are the popular people.” Rachel smiled slightly at the comment. “Oh well thank you. By the way,” she turned towards Roger who was talking with Brock about how he raises his Pokémon and the food of his Pokémon, “Roger, you think we can register now?” The young trainer slapped his forehead slightly, “I totally forgot about that. Come. Let’s go. Okay guys, we’ll meet you later.” The couple walked away recalling their two Pidgeot. The Raichu couple walked behind their trainers.
As they entered the building, May stopped Ash, “Ash, how do you feel after meeting them?” Ash gave a weak smile, “I felt good but they haven’t recognized us yet. We’ll let them know when the time comes.”, he smiled again and kissed her lightly. She returned the kiss and they slowly walked towards Nurse Joy.


A stout man sat in front of a television set watching at a battle. A Raichu ran forward readying an Iron Tail. A purple haired blonde girl shouted, “Reflect, Alakazam.” The Raichu’s trainer smirked, “Switch it and give them a good Brick break.” The glow on the Raichu’s tail brightened and it shattered the small wall of light near Alakazam and sent it flying. Scott, the fat man smiled as he watched the battle. He got up to get a Tropius fruit juice and thought, “Hmm…Every time he comes back, he is better. He said he’s going to enter the Indigo League this time. Don’t know how many trainers will face the destruction.”

Max and Dawn were training. Max wanted to beat Roger at any cost. But Roger’s words rang through his ears, “It’s nothing. They aren’t even trained much. They are some of my new Pokémon.” Max remembered how quickly the battle had ended. He looked at his friends. They were talking to each other. He looked at Brock who was busy talking to his wife Lucy on phone. Dawn glanced at Gary, “Umm…Gary, I think it would be nice if we be friends with Roger and Rachel. We might be able to learn some things about them.” Gary thought for a second and then nodded, “Fine. Let us go find them. I think they are near the river.”
The group advanced towards the river to find to find Roger and Rachel laughing and letting some Pokémon out. They saw the two Pokémon that Max and Dawn had faced- Slaking and Gengar who were lazily lying down. The two Pidgeot were flying about high in the air while the two Raichu were running through the nearby bushes. Roger hurled two poke balls. One opened to reveal a large green lizard. It looked at its master and then put a small twig into its mouth. Rachel’s poke ball revealed a large fire Pokémon that resembled a chicken. Max and Dawn looked at each other. They were familiar with that Pokémon as Max himself owned one-a Blaziken. Another two opened up and a butterfly Pokémon flew up towards the Pidgeot while a small cat like Pokemon looked at Rachel. It was covered in Ice. The Pokemon had long ears, blue eyes and a long tail-a Glaceon. It went off to join the Raichu.
The last two poke balls of the couple burst open and two large Pokémon revealed themselves. They were same in looks. Green colour, body shape similar to frogs and dinosaurs, blue patches on the body, huge flower on the back which released a sweet smell. The only difference was that Roger’s Pokémon had a green patch on its forehead shaped like an almond while the other one had a patch with heart shape. Dawn looked at the Pokémon in awe. She pointed her pokedex at the lizard.

The forest Pokémon. Although docile like a saint, this Pokémon is dangerous like a samurai or ninja when it comes to battling skills. It's blades can slice through thick trees with just one hit.

Then came the last two Pokémon:-

The Seed Pokémon. This Pokémon has a close bond with nature and has the ability to manipulate some of the natural forces. They are very calm creatures who won’t attack unless provoked or ordered to. But in such cases, it will never hold back its amazing powers and stubborn fighting spirit.
Brock gasped at the size of the Pokémon. Being a breeder, he could easily say that all the Pokémon were larger than usual and were strong. They slowly walked towards the couple, “Hey guys, are you camping here?”, Brock enquired. Roger smiled, “Some of our Pokémon wanted to have a break. So, we came for relaxing. We are staying at the hotel near the forest.” The group saw Blaziken hitting Sceptile with a Flamethrower. But they were even more surprised when the Forest Pokemon shrugged off the super effective attack like nothing and hit back with a powerful Aerial Ace. Max and Dawn looked at Roger and Rachel with a questioning face. “Well, the fact is that,”, Rachel started,. Roger cut her off, “They always try to beat each other and my Sceptile always wins due to the difference in the experience level and the hard training he does.”
Max gulped, “But, the Flamethrower didn’t even affect. How come?” Rachel got up from the place. “Max, you forgot one thing. Any type is neutral if your Pokémon is used to it. Our Pokémon train themselves by taking hits frequently from super effective attacks.” Roger smiled, “That is their choice because they want to help me achieve my dream-to be the best trainer in the world, a Pokémon Master. They know that a Master’s Pokémon have to be the strongest too. So they train to their extremes. Do you know what you did wrong while we battled? You used Hyper Beam. You know that Gengar being a ghost type, won’t be affected by it while Slaking could easily evade due to the lack of Truant. It shows the improper use of your vast knowledge and awareness. When you face the Eighth Frontier Brain, you will know the importance of awareness.”
Max stared at the trainer with disbelief, “How did you know that I have defeated the seven Frontier Brains?” Roger laughed loudly and then sighed, “Because all the Frontier Brains are my close friends. You see, you will face the Eighth Frontier Brain in the Tournament. No one knows who he is. But he will tell you before your battle. He is the only Frontier Brain who participates in League Championships because he doesn’t get a single challenger and he can’t live without battling.” Rachel winked at her boyfriend as he finished talking and they both put up an evil grin that went unnoticed.

Chapter Four-The Electric Shock Showdown
The morning sun rays hit a certain young boy’s face through the window and he rubbed his eyes while getting up. Max looked around the room and then got up from the bed. Remembering the day, he rushed to get showered.
As Max reached the restaurant, he saw his friends sitting. He walked upto them after taking a plate of instant ramen. He smiled at them, “Good morning guys.” Brock nodded at his younger friend, “Morning Max. You ready for today?” Max smirked, “Of course and I will win this……for them.” Max lowered his voice as he reached the last part but unfortunately, Misty heard it. Tears welled up in her eyes and she started sobbing, “It was all my fault. I was the one who started to accuse him. I should have never done that. I wanted him to take it positively but it all went wrong.” Brock held his friend’s shoulder and tried to console her, “Misty, it was not just you who did all this. Even we talked to him harshly. We were wrong when we blamed him. Even we miss him very much.” Max who had stuffed his mouth by this time spoke suddenly, “Can we go now? I can’t wait to see the opening ceremony.” The others slowly got up and walked with the excited trainer towards the first stadium.


A young couple were sitting opposite each other. Ash slowly sipped his juice before looking into May’s eyes, “So May, what do you think about facing Max and Dawn in a battle?” May smirked, “It is actually good to know that Max reached such a respectable position. He defeated the Seven Frontier Brains, came in the top Sixteen in Hoenn League. But I would be proud of him if he managed to hold up against the power you have achieved now.” Ash shook his head, “After the small battle we had, I think that he may be able to do it if he concentrates.” The couple finished eating and slowly got up to leave towards the stadium for the opening ceremony.


After the opening ceremony, the lighting of the torch, and a small speech from Mr. Goodshow, the first round match ups of Two Hundred and Fifty Six competitors. Max was paired against Nando and had his match the next day while Ash was against a youngster of about his age and had the battle after Three hours. The boy had bluish-black hairs, an orange half sleeve shirt that had white lines and it covered a black sweatshirt with long sleeves. An arrogant smirk was evident on his face. Ash smiled as he saw his next opponent, “Sho! I’m gonna enjoy my first battle thoroughly. What ya say Raichu?” His Raichu growled in response. May looked at him, “Do you know that guy Ash?” Ash nodded, “While I was in Sinnoh, he defeated Pikachu with his Raichu. But later in a rematch, we won.” May smiled back.

Ash was in his room waiting for his name to be called. He heard the announcer speaking, “Next up is the third match of this day. On the red corner is a talented trainer all the way from Sinnoh. Specialized in electric types, please welcome Sho. And on the green corner, is a skilled and specialized trainer. With a record of using the same types as his opponents, here comes Roger Silverstone also from Sinnoh.” Ash got up and walked towards the field with his faithful friend on his side. “Raichu, this is the same place where we entered a league first. It would be fun to win this all.” The electric type shot a grin at his friend and nodded slightly. He was surprised to see his friends sitting with May.
The referee looked at both the competitors, “This is a three-on-three battle with no substitutions. Whoever loses all the Pokémon first, will be eliminated. Do you get it?” Ash looked at his opponent and nodded slightly. The referee continued, “The field will be selected now.” He pressed a button and a small wheel started rotating below the pictures of the two opponents. The wheel stopped in the section with water. A small pond came up in the middle of the field. Brock looked at the field and frowned, “Roger cannot use the water. That Sho is specialized in electric types.” May shook her head in disapproval as she pet her Raichu slowly, “This is gonna be a quick battle. Water is going to help a lot.”
Sho released a bunch of magnets that floated in the air- a Magnezone. Ash looked at his Raichu, “This is your battle buddy. Go out and kick his butt.” The mouse reached the centre of the field in a flash. May smirked, “So Raichu is battling. That Raichu is the most stubborn Pokémon I’ve ever seen.”
The referee raised is flag, “Magnezone vs Raichu. Begin.”
“Thunderbolt”, Sho roared. Ash smirked, “Take it head on and show him a real Thunderbolt.” The strong electric assault was easily endured by the mouse. A similar shock wave crushed the Magnezone’s body. Sho looked in shock, “Magnezone!!!”
“What a power? That surely is the strongest Thunderbolt from a Raichu I’ve seen.”, the announcer spoke in excitement.
The magnet Pokémon slowly straightened itself and started hovering in the air. “Try a Zap Cannon.” With a grunt, the Pokémon shot a greenish yellow ball of energy that sailed towards its opponent. "Finish with a Focus Blast" Raichu side stepped easily and hurled a bluish orb of energy at the opponent. The attack had completely exhausted the Magnezone. It collapsed with swirls in its “eyes”.
The announcer was silent for a second but as the crowd cheered, she reacted, “The first round is easily finished as Magnezone is defeated. The Zap Cannon might have taken all its energy.”
Referee raised the green flag. “Magnezone is unable to battle. Raichu wins the round. Red corner, please select your next Pokémon.” While returning his defeated Pokémon, Sho looked at his opponent who had not moved a bit, “It looks like I underestimated you. Let’s see how you take this down. Come on out Lanturn.” A blue and yellow fish Pokémon appeared. The occasional sparks on its antenna confirmed its electric typing. Ash smiled again.
“Well, this is just as interesting. Lanturn must be having Volt absorb which can help Sho to keep Raichu out of electric moves.”, the announcer shouted.
“Lanturn vs Raichu. Begin.”
Ash looked at his Pokémon and nodded, “Agility with Double team.” In a flash, the whole field around the water was filled with many Raichu. “Iron tail.”
The announcer gasped, “What a speed? That Raichu is surely trained to its maximum potential.”
“Lanturn, use Hydro pump on all the Raichu.”
As the mouse Pokémon copies rushed forward with glowing tails, the Lanturn let out a large gush of water from its mouth. Many copies were destroyed but still some managed to hit properly and the real Raichu smashed its tail across the Lanturn’s face.
“Lanturn, try Spark.”
“Counter with Iron tail.” Ash ordered and slowly closed his eyes, “Switch into Brick break just before the hit.” , Ash spoke through his Aura.
The water type was engulfed in small sparks of electricity as it rushed through the water and jumped at its opponent. But the quick Raichu easily charged an Iron tail and smashed his opponent across the field by switching his attack into a Brick break.
Max gasped, “Wasn’t Raichu supposed to be shocked? After all metals conduct electricity.” May sighed as she looked at her brother, “Max, he charged an Iron tail but instead used Brick break. That is a small technique they use to confuse an opponent.” Brock nodded slightly, “I understand but how is it possible using the tail for Brick break?”
“Constant practice. They have been doing it for the last Five years.”, May stated simply. On the field, the Lanturn tried to get up slowly. Ash raised his eyebrows, “It isn’t down. Use Grass knot.” Raichu closed his eyes and focused his power. Suddenly he opened his eyes and they started glowing a light green. The small grass on the field entwined with themselves and tripped the struggling Lanturn. It fell down unconscious.
The Referee raised the Green flag again, “Lanturn is unable to battle. Raichu wins the round. Red corner, choose your last Pokémon.” Sho recalled his Lanturn and looked at the Raichu. It hadn’t taken a single hit and did not have even a scratch on its body.
The announcer’s voice boomed through the stadium, “This is just terrific. Grass knot is a tough move for even grass Pokémon to master. This Raichu doesn’t stop amazing us.”
Sho clenched his fists in frustration, “You are strong but I am not going down so easily. I’ll use my strongest Pokémon. Go Raichu.” Another Raichu popped out of Sho’s Poke ball and glared hard at his foe. “Rai Rai.”, it growled as its cheeks sparked with electricity.
The announcer giggled again, “This is going to be an interesting duel. Two cute and powerful electric types against each other. Which of the Raichu will emerge more powerful?”
“Raichu vs Raichu. Begin.”
“Thunder. Full power.” Sho ordered in anger.
“Double team.”
Once again, the mouse created his copies around the opponent. Sho gritted his teeth, “Use Iron tail. Hit all of them.”
As the opponent started hitting the copies, Ash’s Raichu started running around the opponent. Ash smirked, “Stop that Raichu with Grass knot and then nail it with Iron tail.”
Once again grass came up the surface and tripped the Raichu who was trying to turn around at his foe. The mouse Pokemon cried out in pain as it fell down and was hit by the powerful Iron tail.
Sho looked at his most powerful Pokémon, “Get up Raichu. I know you can do it. Get up. Use Hyper Beam.” The Raichu started charging an orange ball of energy in its mouth.
Announcer gasped, “Sho has some powerful tricks up his sleeve. Hyper beam is a very uncommon move. Then a Raichu using it is even more rare.”
As the beam was shot, Ash shook his head, “Foolish move. Now Raichu, propel yourself with Surf.”
“What?”, all the people looked at the trainer as if he was an idiot. But they gasped as a large wave of water emerged below Raichu and the mouse Pokémon rode the wave. Just before the Hyper beam hit the water, Raichu jumped off the wave into the air. “Raichu…”, it smiled and waved at the spectators.
Dawn looked in awe, “Unbelievable. Surf from a Raichu. I had never thought of something like that. But how is it possible?” May pointed towards Raichu, “Can you see a small surfboard on Raichu? That is where the trick lies.”
“Whoa. Can you believe this folks? A Raichu is using Surf. Incredible. I’ve never seen something like this.”, the announcer shouted into the microphone.
Ash pointed towards his opponent’s Pokémon, “Now that he is immobile, finish it with Volt Tackle.” Raichu spun to face the ground and sped off like a bullet with his body engulfed in electricity.
“Rai Rai Raichu….”As the attack landed, a small explosion raised dust around the Pokémon. When the dust cleared, Sho’s Raichu lay down immobile.
The referee raised his flag, “The red corner’s Raichu is unable to battle. Green corner’s Raichu wins the round. This match goes to Roger Silverstone from Sinnoh.”
The crowd went silent at the one sided victory but then erupted into cheers. Ash hugged his starter and scratched behind his ears slightly, “You were excellent as always buddy.”
He walked towards his defeated opponent and extended his hand which Sho shook warmly, “Well, I guess I was a bit overconfident. It was a good battle. I can see that you have raised your Raichu nicely. Congratulations.”Ash chuckled, “Well, Thank you. You weren’t bad out there either.”
“Wow. That was incredible and very quick.”, Gary noted. Max, Dawn and Misty were too shocked to respond. May smirked, “I told you already that he would just destroy them.”
Ash walked out of the stadium slowly carrying his Raichu. “Well, I’m back after Five years and my first League match was a victory. Now it is just a few rounds to go. Are you ready to win the tournament Raichu?”
The Raichu smiled happily, “Raichu…”

Chapter Five-Rise of the evil and some revelations

“Do you remember the way Raichu was waving to the crowd after that Surf? It was so cool.”, Max couldn’t help but keep blabbering about his new idol. The group laughed at the young boy’s excitement. They saw Roger standing outside the Pokemon Centre talking to his Pidgeot.
After he stopped, the huge and magnificent bird nodded at his master and took off to the sky. Its trainer waved along with his Raichu, “Return soon Pidgeot and make sure he knows the situation we are in. Good bye for the time being.” The obedient bird screeched one last time as he circled around and then started to dash off towards the main parts of Kanto.
Ash sighed and smiled at his starter, “Well buddy, we are gonna see him after an year. He is sure to punch in my eyes again.” The mouse Pokemon giggled slightly but suddenly jumped off his master’s hands. Raichu sped towards the group of youngsters. “Roger!!”, Max rushed to the trainer, “You were awesome out there. Raichu is so strong.”
Ash grinned sheepishly, “Well, thank you. Umm… Guys would you like to join us for a while? You can have lunch with us.”
Gary who had been silent for all the time shrugged, “I don’t mind. What ya guys think?”
Brock nodded, “I guess we can stay for a while.”
Misty and Dawn smiled, “Fine with us.”


A tall man dressed in brown sleeveless jacket, a black sweat shirt and a black jeans stood atop a huge rock. He looked at all the dragons in front of him, “Look guys,” he addressed the numerous orange colored Pokémon, “Draco will have to leave for a while. I have talked to Ash about that. He has assured that Draco can return as soon as he completes his work.”
The dragons roared in approval.


A young boy stood near a large table. A man sat in a chair and looked at him, “You already want to get that girl. I want to find out where the boy-Ash Ketchum is.”
He sighed, “Those children must know something about him. I want to capture him at any cost. He destroyed my plans and even killed some of my friends. I was lucky that one of my friends acted like he is dead and then saved me later.”, the man roared as he reached the last part.
The boy smirked, “I shall help you but what do I get in return? I am not gonna work for free.”
The man smirked back, “You can have these.”, he said as he clicked a button in the keyboard near him. A picture of bag filled with candies wrapped in blue covers appeared in the computer screen.
The boy felt his jaws drop, “Rare candies?”
“Yes. So, won’t you work for me now?”
“Sure. Kenny at your service.”, the boy laughed.

A huge pyramid like structure stood in the forest. Inside:-
Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier stood before all his employees-the extremely powerful trainers respected worldwide-the Kanto Battle Frontier Brains. He gazed at all of them once before smiling, “So, I hope everyone saw Ash in action.”
A young girl stepped forward. She had lavender hairs, similar coloured dress of which the shirt was a bit lighter colour. She was Anabel. The youngest Frontier Brain. Younger than even Ash. “Well how can we stay without seeing our leader’s exploits Scott? He is the best we have ever seen. Obviously we all saw the battle.”
The eldest of the group, Brandon smiled slightly, “He got better when he started his hidden life. After all those amazing training sessions he and his Pokémon undergo, they have to be the best.
As all the brains started talking, Scott spoke up, “By the way, I called all of you to tell that we have to get o the Indigo plateau when Ash will be battling that Dingo guy. You remember him?”
Noland, the factory head scowled as he pushed his hands into his lab coat-like jacket, “Hmph…How can we forget him? He had crushed us all so ruthlessly. I can’t wait to see Ash blasting him.”
Tucker, the middle aged man who loved fans and publicity sighed, “Noland, why can’t you accept defeats nicely? The only person who gained your respect by defeating you was Ash. Why can’t you be the same towards others?”
Noland glared at Tucker, “It is because Ash had defeated Articuno-a legendary Pokémon. Even after hitting so much, Articuno couldn’t handle that Charizard’s guts and will power. All the others who defeated me had just fought normal Pokémon and that is not a great deal. That is why I respect Ash and no one else.”
Scott put up his hand, “Fine…Stop it everyone…We all know well about Ash’s power. So be cool. Ash has to win the tournament. So he won’t hold back his power against anyone. So if Dingo gets a chance to face Ash, we all have to reach the Indigo Plateau and certify Ash’s real identity to the league officials. Ash told me that he will reveal himself during the battle against Dingo and if it is not possible, then against Max. So for now, the meeting is dispersed.”


“Wow…You both are great cooks. Can I know how you both prepare such amazing food stuffs?”, Brock asked excited as he finished his plate.
Rachel shrugged, “Well, one of our old friends used to cook food for us when we travelled with him for a while. We just noticed what he does and then we were alone, we tried it. The result wasn’t that good in the start but then we practiced.”
Max, Dawn and Gary had already finished their food and had went off to look at the Pokémon of Roger and Rachel who were lazily sitting around the group. Max and Dawn stood near the two Venusaur while Gary was closely inspecting the Sceptile and Blaziken.
He turned towards his new friends, “How long have you had these two?”
“Around eight years.”, both of them replied together.
The reply stunned everyone.
“Eight years? Are these your starters?”, Misty asked.
Roger shook his head, “Blaziken is Rachel’s starter. Eight years is actually very small time for me. Raichu, Pidgeot and Venusaur have been with me for around twelve years.”
“”Whoa… Which means that there are Pokemon you have owned for more time. Then who are those?”, Gary spoked slowly.
Roger laughed, “ Raichu, Venusaur and Pidgeot are actually some of my oldest and all of them along with Sceptile are some of my strongest. Still only Raichu and Sceptile are in my top ten. You yet have to see my elites other than these.”
Max gulped and looked at Dawn who had a similar look on her face.
Roger and Rachel laughed it off, “So, how long have you been a trainer Max?”, Rachel asked.
The young boy suddenly getting a new topic, started rambling and the group rolled their eyes.

Chapter Six-Blaze…Blaziken!!!
Max had won first his battle without much difficulty. It was Ash’s second battle today against a girl named Cindy from Hoenn. Ash and May hadn’t contacted their friends after the lunch they had together. Knowing Ash’s battle, his friends had arrived at the stadium early.
As May walked towards the seats after wishing Ash luck, she saw their friends and her brother sitting in the front row. She moved towards them and wished them while sitting down, “Hi guys.”
Max and Dawn practically jumped from their seats but then calmed down as they saw Rachel, “Oh hi Rachel. Is Roger ready for the battle?”
“Yes as always.”, she grinned while petting her Raichu.
Just then, the referee walked to the battlefield.
The announcer shouted, “After rocking the whole Pokémon world with an amazing one-sided battle, to show more and entertain all of us, we have another battle from today’s red corner battler, Roger Silverstone from Sinnoh.”
As Ash entered the battlefield, the crowd erupted into cheers. All his friends cheered wildly but May was calm.
“Facing Roger on the green side is another talented and on top of all very beautiful Cindy Sobers from Hoenn.”
The crowd cheered again as the gorgeous girl who walked up made most guys to drool. She winked at Ash and extended her hand, “Hi hot shot. I’m Cyndi.”
Ash smirked as he shook her hand, “Roger Silverstone.”
Raichu who was sitting on his master’s shoulder started to emit sparks as he saw the girl wink. Ash pet him slowly, “Calm down buddy. You know that I’m not falling for that."
As the two trainers stood against each other, the field was selected, a grass field. “Choose your first Pokémon.”, the referee said.
Ash threw his poke ball with a slight smile, “Your first big battle. I hope you win this my friend.”
Max and Dawn jumped up in excitment as they saw the Pokémon that appeared-a Blaziken. The huge Pokemon growled in a gruff voice as Cyndi’s Pokeball revealed a butterfly Pokemon. It had a purple body, two small antennas, two web-like wings and large eyes. A Butterfree.
Ash smiled as he heard the referee shout, “Blaziken vs Butterfree. Begin.”
“Psybeam.”, Cyndi shouted and looked at her opponent trying to look into his eyes.
“Dodge it and end it with a Fire Blast. Make it quick.”, Ash spoke through his Aura, “It would be better if you don’t ogle at me like that miss.”, he literally growled as he redirected his thoughts to his opponent.
As she heard the words, Cyndi snapped out of her trance and looked at Ash who glared her hard.
At the same time, the rainbow coloured beam created by Butterfree came towards Blaziken. The Blaze Pokemon disappeared from the spot and the Butterfree was hit by a small ball of fire.
Despite the small size, the fire ball crushed the bug type forcing it down. The referee looked at the fallen Pokemon and then raised his flag, “Butterfree is unable to battle. Blaziken wins the round. Green corner, choose your next Pokémon.”
“Incredible power. Just one hit and Butterfree is down.”, the announcer gasped.
“What was that? I’ve never seen such a move.”, Dawn looked confused.
“It is Fire blast.”, May replied.
“But Fire blast usually has a star shape. How come it is like this?”, Gary asked.
May sighed, “All of his fire Pokémon know that trick. Roger learnt to use it that way from the legendary Entei.”, she explained.
“Entei?? He has seen Entei?”, Misty and Brock remembered the time when they had to face one along with Ash.
“Even I don’t know much about all these but he has quite a good connection and friendship with many legendaries.”, May stated.
“Just like Ash.”, Misty muttered.
May heard the girl’s words but ignored it.
Glaring at her opponenet, Cyndi recalled her defeated Pokémon, “I didn’t expect you to fall so fast Butterfree. I’m really disappointed.”
Ash’s eyes lit up as he heard the words, “Behave properly to Pokémon miss. Is this the way you talk to someone who stands by your side?”
This time, Cyndi looked at her opponent with pure hate in her eyes, “Don’t teach me what I should do. I’ll defeat you and then you’ll understand why you should not be such a bleeding heart.”
Ash smirked again, “Then bring it on and get ready to be defeated.”, he taunted.
“Poliwrath, come out”
A rather small dark blue coloured tadpole Pokémon came forth. It had a white belly which looked like an opened mouth and had black swirls. “Poliwrath.”, it punched the air to intimidate the opponent. But to its and the trainer’s surprise, the opponent just stood there with a blank face.
“Blaziken vs Poliwrath. Begin.”
“Hydro pump.”
“Take it head on and then use a Flare blitz.”
The fire type stumbled back as he was hit by the strong water attack. But it soon recovered and rushed forward with its body engulfed in fire. Poliwrath went off balance due to the attack but was not hurt much. Unlike Poliwrath, Blaziken suffered a huge recoil damage.
Max didn’t like the way Ash was smiling, “What the hell is he doing? That Blaziken is getting hurt and still he is smiling. He isn’t even giving a proper order.”
Gary shoved him down, “Sit there quietly Max. I guess he is doing that with that Aura thing. What you say Rachel?”
May frowned, “Well, you’ll come to know that before the League gets over.” Her Raichu looked at Gary and sparks flew from her cheeks, “Rai…”
Ash smiled as he knew where the battle was going. “Blaziken, use Brave bird and then top it with Thunderpunch.”
In a second, the fire type was engulfed in flames again. But the flames soon turned into blue colour and as he neared the opponent at a low altitude, he put forward his fists which were crackling with electricity.
“Poliwrath, try a Water pulse.”
The part fighting type fired an orb of water which slowed down the opponent but Blaziken still hit Poliwrath. The 4x effective attack knocked out the water type in a single hit and Blaziken struggled to get past the pain of recoil.
“Poliwrath is unable to battle. Blaziken wins. Green corner, choose your last Pokemon.”
“Return Poliwrath. I underestimated you Roger. But it is not over yet. Go Tauros.”
Misty frowned, “Aww…Even a water type couldn’t win?”
May rolled her eyes and her Raichu giggled at the sight.
At the same time, a huge bull stepped on the battlefield.
“Take down Tauros.”
“Mirror move”
Tauros was surrounded by a very light white aura as he charged forward. Mimicking the opponent, Blaziken followed suit.
The two Pokémon collided against each other with great force and recoiled suddenly.
As Tauros cried in pain, the sound that came from Blaziken was a huge roar. Ash grinned as he knew what was to come.
Blaziken seemed to combust by itself as its body became engulfed in a red aura and it roared loudly making the Tauros flinch.
“That’s Blaze. Blaziken will be super strong in his fire moves now. So this is what Roger waited for and let Blaziken get hit.”, Max exclaimed.
“But he cannot afford to take more hits. His health is already low.”, Gary said.
“Blaze…Now, you get to see the true power of my Pokemon.”, Ash spoke to his opponent through his aura. “Now Blaziken, use a Flare Impact”
With another mighty roar, Blaziken jumped high into the sky. It rushed like a meteor charging a Flare blitz.
“Counter it with Double edge.”, Cindy shouted desperately.
As the Tauros ran forward to hit back, the Blaziken’s body twitched slightly. Suddenly, the flames got a purple tint and the Flare blitz combined with a Giga Impact.
As the whole stadium looked in horror and pure bewilderment, Blaziken connected with the defenseless opponent making the grass to catch fire and the dust and debris flew all around blinding everyone.
When the dust settled, the referee got up from where he was leaning down and raised his flag, “Tauros is unable to battle. Blaziken wins the round. This match goes to Roger Silverstone from Sinnoh.”
“Unbelievable folks. Blaziken created a combo of Flare blitz and Giga Impact. I can't wait to see what other things this guy has got up his sleeves.”, the announcer roared into the microphone.
Ignoring the loud roars of the spectators, Ash recalled his Pokémon and smiled at his poke ball, “Good enough for the first battle. Thank you Blaziken.” He clipped his poke ball to his belt and looked at his opponent. Cyndi glared at him and ran away even without acknowledging the winner. He shook his head, “One of those pathetic weak people who don’t respect others or Pokémon.”, he muttered to his starter who jumped up his shoulder and then walked out slowly.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Fanfic   Pokemon Fanfic Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 4:47 pm

Great stry so far, VM, thanks for posting. I only have 2 nitpicks: there are fairly many unknown characters, can you clarify their names to us?
And the pokemon have more than 4 moves, which, also in anime, is not possible :S

Can't wait for the sequel chapters Very Happy

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PostSubject: More than 4 moves...   Pokemon Fanfic Icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 12:14 am

Watch Ash vs Drake...Dragonite uses Fly,Slam,Body Slam,Water Gun,Ice Beam,Thunderbolt/Thunder,Dragon Rage... :-P :-D
So I can obviously use more than 4...
And tell me the characters you didn't recognize...I can explain...
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The characters I don't understand are (Well, these I remembered :3) :
Quote :
A young boy stood near a large table. A man sat in a chair and looked at him, “You already want to get that girl. I want to find out where the boy-Ash Ketchum is.”
He sighed, “Those children must know something about him. I want to capture him at any cost. He destroyed my plans and even killed some of my friends. I was lucky that one of my friends acted like he is dead and then saved me later.”, the man roared as he reached the last part.
The boy smirked, “I shall help you but what do I get in return? I am not gonna work for free.”
The man smirked back, “You can have these.”, he said as he clicked a button in the keyboard near him. A picture of bag filled with candies wrapped in blue covers appeared in the computer screen.
The boy felt his jaws drop, “Rare candies?”
“Yes. So, won’t you work for me now?”
“Sure. Kenny at your service.”, the boy laughed.
them two Smile

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The boy Kenny is Dawn's friend...He was shown in the anime in Sinnoh...The mysterious guy,you'll know later in the story...
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Good so far!
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Pokemon Fanfic
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