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 Best way to recruit

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What is the best way to invite members?
Beat them on PO then ask
Best way to recruit  Empty60%Best way to recruit  Empty
 60% [ 15 ]
People who you have known for awhile (friends,family,ect.)
Best way to recruit  Empty8%Best way to recruit  Empty
 8% [ 2 ]
Doesn't matter just ask as many as you can!
Best way to recruit  Empty20%Best way to recruit  Empty
 20% [ 5 ]
Popular chatrooms like serebii.net and such
Best way to recruit  Empty4%Best way to recruit  Empty
 4% [ 1 ]
Idunno I never bother to invite new members
Best way to recruit  Empty8%Best way to recruit  Empty
 8% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 25


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PostSubject: Best way to recruit    Best way to recruit  Icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 7:34 am

I've recruited for Pokemon4Life for like a year now and i've done it many different ways. Now I want to see what you guys feel is the best method for inviting worth while members to the forums.

Vote and say why you think so. I will add a couple choices from the top of my head if anyone can suggest any different categories i'll be happy to add them.

For me i say it's having a good battle with a guy. To 6-0 someone would definitely make them want to be part of something a strong battler such as yourself for 6-0'ing him would be in. But the best battles aren't 6-0's imo. When i start a battle and i have inviting this person in my mind i just try to start a conversation with him before i've even picked my 1st pokemon so it's not like you choose to start to lead with quagsire against my leafeon and then "Hi how are you" Could give someone the wrong impression. And I always ask before the final move is made. So they don't just close the battle window without giving me an answer. I don't usually track down someone after i battle them and ask if they'd like to join that comes across to me as somewhat desperate :s

What are you guys opinions?

Best way to recruit  Arieon13


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Best way to recruit
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