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 Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29

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Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29 Empty
PostSubject: Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29   Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 27, 2013 5:22 pm

Chapter 29 - The Ghost and the Darklord
POV - Lewis - Lewis Big Benn

After big bro told me his story he said he felt tired, and needed some rest. He returned to his bed and quickly fell into slumber. I however was quite frankly, bored to hell of waiting in the Medical Deck all day - So I left Sapphire to his dreams and went in search of somebody...

I scanned around the base looking for a friend to talk to when I came across... Zéphyr? I darted towards him, and confirmed that it was indeed Zéphyr! "Hey Zéphyr!" I greeted happily! Hopefully he had cheered up since the event with Amanda.

"Hey Lewis. I uh... Transformed!" He said, explaining the obvious. "Awesome! Let's go find..." I started before mentioning Amanda's name...

Zéphyr caught onto it, just smiled and said "I'm sure she'll be better by now. I feel honestly guilty about my insult."

Zéphyr was about to go on search for Amanda when he took a stumble, clutching his head! "Nrrgghh... Get. Out. Of. My. Head. Now!!" He screamed in pain! "Zéphyr!" I called before attempting to come to his aid!


POV - Shade/Archeye - Aerial Shade

I brought Amanda to her room and sat her down - I proceeded to get her a coffee and give it to her. "Thank you Shade..." Amanda solemnly said before taking a sip of her coffee. I was wondering what had made her so upset that she was lifelessly crying in the middle of the hallway. "Amanda... What happened?" I asked kindly and calmly. Amanda answered quietly "Me and Zéphy had a fight... Because there was a problem with his Guidance Shard"

Zéphyr has a Guidance Shard? I've been gone for a long time! "What was wrong with the Shard?" I questioned. Amanda replied "I was going to tell him... But I wasn't so sure he'd want to know about it..."

"You were gonna tell him what!?" I asked, trying to sieve out the answer.

"...Darkrai is in that Shard..." Amanda deadpanned.

"What!?" bellowed the Captain who had just entered the room along with Sky and Hunter! "We have to find Zéphyr now!" Sky shouted before rushing out the room with Hunter! "Amanda, I may need to use your Analysing Device!" the Captain said before Amanda nodded and let him take it from her desk.

"I'll stay here and look after Amanda! You go!" I called, before the Captain nodded and he left in a hurry!


POV - Lewis - LewisBigBenn

Zéphyr was growling in pain now, when suddenly something began to slowly escaped from his body! "What on earth?" I questioned before preparing to transforming myself!

I released Dodger, took out my Shard and Transformed! About 10 seconds later I transformed fully and was stunned by the sight of Sky, Arieon and... Somebody else.

"Lewis! Get way from him! He's being manipulated by Darkrai!" Sky commanded! "Manipulate this!" Zéphyr howled before forcing the Dark Type fiend out of his body!

Everyone was stunned and speechless... But suddenly, Darkrai quickly rose from the ground and was about to attack Zéphyr, but Zéphyr was first to attack with what looked like an Aura Sphere!

I knew it would be dangerous to fight indoors, so I had to call upon an old friend...

"Giratina! Now!" I mentally called. Giratina appeared in my mind and swiftly opened a void to the Distortion World and engulfing Darkrai! Myself and Zéphyr were quick to follow, before slowly being followed by the others! "Lewis! Let's get him!" Zéphyr commanded awesomely, grinning as he prepared to battle! "Right behind ya!" I replied loudly before following Zéphyr's lead!


POV - Captain Arieon - Arieon

"Complete analysis!" I called, causing the device to scan Zéphyr from a distance!

After a short few seconds the device came up with the first of the four screens!

HP - 90
Attack - 35
Defence - 90
Special Attack - 160
Special Defence - 90
Speed - 90

"Alright, Special Attacker - Unless he's looking for a fistfight that he can't win..." I mentally thought before pressing the button for the next screen for the Abilities.

Levitate - Is immune to Ground Type Attacks
Dark Bonus - Raises Special Attack but lowers HP when a Dark Type attack hits
Rampage - Raises Speed when a teammate is in a pinch

"Some new Abilities here, Moves next!" I mentally said, when pressing the button again.

Current Moves:
Jet Black Drain - Absorbs half of the damage inflicted
Aura Sphere - Has Perfect Accuracy
Nasty Plot - Sharply Raises Special Attack
Taunt - Forces the opponent to use Attacking moves

"Not bad, I wonder how powerful Jet Black Drain is..." I wondered before revealing the last screen...

Team Moves:

Water Partner - Jet Black Whirlpool - Absorbs half the damage inflicted and may flinch the opponent
Ghost Partner - Shadow Stalk - Absorbs half the damage inflicted and Passes on Status Effects

"Ok, so with Lewis he can use Shadow Stalk" I say to myself before realising that the battle between Zéphyr, Lewis and Darkrai had begun!


POV - Zephyr - Legolover8

Lewis attacked first with Sucker Punch, but I didn't know what attacks I could use other than Aura Sphere, so I followed with a kick to Darkrai's face and attacked with Aura Sphere! Darkrai was stunned for an instant before he retaliated with Dark Pulse! I was planning on taking the hit, but Lewis blocked me before I was hit! "Gnaah" Lewis wailed in pain! "Lewis! Dark beats Ghost remember!?" I reminded him as he slowly got back on his feet and returned to his fighting stance...

"Try Aura Sphere again" Lewis suggested. I followed his advice and used Aura Sphere again! It's a Super Effective Attack and has Perfect Accuracy, it should have been a good move, but Darkrai used Protect...

"Dammit!" I cursed before Arieon threw something to me. It was Amanda's Device! it showed me what moves I could use! Smiling, I hurled it back to Arieon! "Thanks!" I shouted back to him and he gave a thumbs up. I returned to the battle to aid Lewis! He seemed to be hanging in fine despite the Type Disadvantage! I attempted to use Aura Sphere again, but Darkrai used Protect for a second time! "Come on now..." I moaned as my attacks were failing to damage him.

It was then that I had an idea! First, Lewis used Repossesion, dealing a little damage to Darkrai. I then proceeded to use Taunt! Darkrai fell for it and began using Dark Pulse again! Cleverly, Darkrai seemed to be aiming his attacks at Lewis, which wasn't good...

Lewis used his ability to pass through the Dark Pulses many times to avoid being hit, but he looked like he was becoming faint... I attacked with Aura Sphere, causing Darkrai to roar loudly! "Back off!!" I shouted in retaliation and went to aid Lewis!

Lewis didn't look good. It seemed that the last Dark Pulse hit him... This struck a nerve in my core... I charged at Darkrai and tried a new attack "Jet Black Drain!" I shouted as I shot a fast beam of darkness at Darkrai! After that, some of Darkrai's life energy was stolen and absorbed through the Shards on my shoulders! Darkrai was about to attack back before he was interrupted by a Sucker Punch from Lewis! Darkrai was knocked back, but Lewis fell hard! "Lewis!" I called in panic as I rushed towards him, but he still stood... Barely...

"Wanna... Try a Team Attack?" Lewis asked and I nodded! "Let's go!" I shouted as I prepared the attack!

But suddenly, Darkrai was about to use Dark Void! However, he was stopped by a pair of Flying Pokémon! "Salamence!" "Skaaaarmory!" Ignis and Arieon's Skarmory roared before intercepting Darkrai with Dragon Claw and Brave Bird!

"Now!" Lewis called, fading into a grey mist and merging into the sphere of energy I was forming in my palms! As Darkrai was distracted, I shot the sphere at him! When the ball of energy hit Darkrai, it expanded and engulfed the Ledgendary Pokémon! After about ten seconds, the large sphere vanished, leaving a defeated Darkrai, and a healed Lewis!

"Zéphyr we did it!" Lewis cheered with excitement before crashing into me with a hug! I expected nothing less from him! I smiled, but was concerned for something...

"What do we do with Darkrai?" I questioned puzzled. "We can't keep him in the base..." Arieon stated, walking over to the scene and petting his Pokémon, causing Skarmory to coo happily. "He can stay here! Giratina said we can keep malfested Pokémon here in the Distortion World!" Lewis stated. "Giratina?" Sky asked, shocked from the statement...

"That's a story for another time" Lewis said cheekily as he began to walk back towards the void we travelled through. "Oh, who are you?" Lewis asked to Hunter, who was a stranger to him. "Name's Hunter. You're a pretty cool little guy" Hunter replied and complimented. "Thanks" Lewis said, leaving the Distortion World and returning to our world...

"Let's go back I guess... We've got a big family reunion to have..." Arieon said, leading us through the void...

Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29 My_ban10

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Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29   Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29 Icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 2:52 pm

I wonder.. I wonder if she remembers me.
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Forbbiden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 29
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