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PostSubject: Those Haxing faries   Those Haxing faries Icon_minitimeThu Jan 02, 2014 6:53 pm

I just made my monoflying team. Which is kicking a**

Now i battled a monofairy and then another and got haxed by both

[P4L]Arieon: le irony~
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L] Jaffa Crash sent out Togekiss!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon sent out Aerodactyl!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon: oh god mawhile
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L] Jaffa Crash: Omg xD
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon: GET ME OUTA HERE
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Start of turn 1
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl has Mega Evolved into Mega Aerodactyl!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl used Stone Edge!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: The attack of Aerodactyl missed!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: The foe's Togekiss used Aura Sphere!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: A critical hit!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl lost 206 HP! (68% of its health)
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Start of turn 2
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl used Stone Edge!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: The attack of Aerodactyl missed!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: The foe's Togekiss used Aura Sphere!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: A critical hit!
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl lost 96 HP! (31% of its health)
(16:13:53) [P4L]Arieon: Aerodactyl fainted!
(16:13:54) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon: ._.
(16:13:54) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L] Jaffa Crash: whatwhatwhatwhat
(16:13:54) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon: imma just take a moment
(16:13:54) [P4L]Arieon: [P4L]Arieon: and think about my life

I lost that battle barely but then came the next one and i was fully prepared.

Start of turn 132
The foe's Klefki used Struggle!
Togekiss lost 35 HP! (9% of its health)
The foe's Klefki is damaged by recoil!
The foe's Klefki fainted!

[P4L]Arieon won the battle!
[P4L]Arieon: I have no lose message
Ascension Core: Rawr...
Ascension Core: THIS POWER
Ascension Core: I've
Ascension Core: I think I need
Ascension Core: Brain surgery
[P4L]Arieon: its gonna be ok
Ascension Core: My brain practically just shut down
Ascension Core: Is-Is it over?
[P4L]Arieon: idunno
Ascension Core: AAAHHHHH
[P4L]Arieon: unless you wanna rematch

The window was disabled due to one of the players closing the battle window.

Lesson of the story is Monoflying is best and coming after all HAXING FARIES!

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Those Haxing faries
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