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 Genesis: Greek/Roman Fanfic

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PostSubject: Genesis: Greek/Roman Fanfic   Genesis: Greek/Roman Fanfic Icon_minitimeThu Jan 23, 2014 8:03 pm

Genesis: Slade

I wake up with a gasp. A cold shiver runs down my spine as I sit up, soaking in sweat. The last thing I remember is passing out on the side of the highway after my run in with a monstrous thing with powers unlike any I’ve seen before. I feel a warm feeling as if someone was sitting on me, I grab my bow and picked up the closest thing that I could find and tried to hit it. To my surprise it was a boy, the bottle cap hit his head and he said:

Lewis: Bollocks!, that hurt, after all I was trying to protect you from the monsters. name's Lewis, son of Hades, what about you?

Slade: My name's Slade, son of Apollo, You almost lost your head right there, lucky I didn’t have any arrows.

Lewis: I was sent from my camp to come and get you, they say you are a skilled archer and we need to raise our defenses and defend ourselves in this nonstop onslaught of monsters ravaging the land.

Slade: Alright, I’ll trust you. But once we get to the so called “camp” I want some explanations on what happened.

Lewis: Deal, but please don’t be hostile to any of in our camp, most of them are friendly, and you don’t want to change that.

Slade: Agreed, let’s head on forward then.

As they left for their ongoing conquest, monsters appeared causing havoc in the city they were in, the leader of these monsters said:

Olok: My name is Olok, and I’m part of the Alpha Nightwolf squadron here to take down two demigods, Lewis and Slade please come out and spare these pathetic mortals!

Lewis: Stay still, we have to get to the camp, we don’t have any weapons…!

As he turned around, he saw Slade pick up a arrow from the sky made of pure energy that he can manipulate at will, amazed he just stared as he saw Slade hit every minion with one arrow as Olok was nowhere to be found

Lewis: Amazing, but we have to go. He probably will bring reinforcements to track you down.

Slade: Let’s go..

At the exact moment he said that he felt dizzy and fell down unconscious. Lewis, grabbed him and ran back to the camp that was close by the area where they first met.

Lewis: What to do, I hear enemy reinforcements coming better pray to the gods they don’t catch up...

As he said it he heard movement ahead, at the moment he stood with the unconscious body of Slade in his hands hoping his death would be fast and painless.

But he was surprised, as it was not the enemy movement ahead but allies from the camp trying to hold off the enemies behind them. Feeling relief he ran towards the dining hall where he and other fellow campers would help Slade in his time of need…

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:3 Coolies :3

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Genesis: Greek/Roman Fanfic
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