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 Chapter 2: Camp Life

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Chapter 2: Camp Life Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: Camp Life   Chapter 2: Camp Life Icon_minitimeSat Jan 25, 2014 1:22 pm

Camp Life:

I blacked out, then:

Falling... Dark … A dream


Loud booming male voice: “YOU BROKE YOUR VOW????!!!”

Soft, cold female voice: “I vowed to be a maiden, and if I recall you made a vow with Hera and you hardly ever have any children with her.”

Male voice but this time not yelling: “This is not about me young one. You and your brother kept this affair from us for how long?”

Female voice: “About eighteen years.”

The male voice: “We will be convening a council to discuss this matter: I hope you are willing to accept the consequences.”

I could somehow feel the tension between the two voices; I swear I could cut it with a knife if I had one.

Female voice: “I have a feeling you won't take this out on me.”

I woke with a start, as my heart jumped. I gasped and quickly sat up, surprised that I was even alive. That's when I noticed my surroundings. I looked down and saw that I was out of my school uniform and in jeans and a t-shirt, and an orange t-shirt that read, “CAMP LIFE”. I turned my head and peered into the part that was an actual room: It was darker that the sun room but I saw whoa,


Well that guy in the rainbow appeared out of nowhere, rolling up in his wheelchair. Then I knew that what happened wasn't a dream, or maybe it was a hallucination and this guy was like a doctor or something. Now quite honestly as he rolled up in his wheelchair that song, “White and Nerdy” came into my brain, and I have no idea why, so don't ask.

“Hello.” I replied shyly.

The guy called Chiron parked his wheelchair and asked how I felt.

“Good I guess.”

“Well I'm glad to hear that.” He smiled and then he bowed slightly, “My name is Chiron and I'm the activities Director here at Camp Life”

“Camp Life what is that?”

“Ah! The million dollar question! This is where the demigods reside and are safe.”

“Demigods?” I gasped at the realization, “The Greek gods are real?!” I paused again and thought. Oh my gosh!
“I'm a demigod?”
“I'm afraid so.” Chiron confirmed, “How do you know so much?”

“My Mom, she and my Dad wanted me to take mythology and Mom coaxed me to make it my junior theses. So yeah...” I shrugged again.

“Wait, how old are you?” Chiron asked.

“17.” I replied.

Then the door burst open and a blonde guy in bronze armor and bow in hand burst in yelling, “HEY OH!” Chiron almost literally jumped out of his wheelchair, which suddenly occurred to me shouldn't he be a centaur? But I didn't have a chance to ask as Chiron spoke with the guy who burst in, “Lewis Big Benn what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to check how our newest demigod was going and wondered if I could give him a tour around the camp.” He replied in a wary mood.
Chiron sighed and placed his arm on the rest of the wheelchair, “Very well.” Chiron turned to me and asked with simple sincerity if I was ok to get up and move around.

I nodded slowly and slowly got up from my cot. Chiron smiled and wished us a happy day and wheeled himself out of there.
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Chapter 2: Camp Life
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