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PostSubject: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 1:16 pm

(16:41:04) Night: Sorin
(16:41:05) オオラ joined the channel.
(16:41:15) Night: u afk?
(16:41:20) オオラ: nah im here
(16:41:25) オオラ: ._.
(16:42:04) Night: Who are u fren.
(16:42:28) オオラ: uhm.. ._.
(16:42:32) [P4L]SleighDriver: a[P4L]SoGrinchrin
(16:42:40) オオラ: im kinda on the run right now
(16:42:43) オオラ: you might turn me in
(16:42:44) Night: Noo.
(16:42:52) オオラ: call me squiggles Smile
(16:42:55) Night: I won't pinky promise
(16:43:00) Night: Squiggles.
(16:43:20) オオラ: sweet
(16:43:47) オオラ: i was wondering about the whereabouts of someone in this clan
(16:43:48) [P4L]SleighDriver: who you running from?
(16:44:20) オオラ: uhm... ._.
(16:44:41) オオラ: i dont know you well enough to trust you
(16:44:58) [P4L]SleighDriver: always pleasant to hear
(16:45:18) [P4L]SleighDriver: and you are looking for..?
(16:45:21) オオラ: thats what im about, making people feel better and stuff
(16:45:22) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: -.-
(16:45:33) [P4L]SleighDriver: ey reindeer what happened?
(16:45:34) オオラ: Keldeo?
(16:45:36) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Gym Leader Yveltal
(16:45:42) [P4L]SleighDriver: ah
(16:45:43) [P4L]SleighDriver: are you Celebi?
(16:45:47) オオラ: Lemon Medal
(16:45:54) [P4L]SleighDriver: yea she ai't here
(16:45:56) オオラ: she has a lotta alts..
(16:46:00) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Do you know celebi?
(16:46:06) Night: Lemon Medal lol.
(16:46:06) [P4L]SleighDriver: well he used to be a P4L
(16:46:11) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Is it Moon Stone or Asurii Star?
(16:46:14) Night: She ain't here, u safe bro.
(16:46:18) [P4L]SleighDriver: no
(16:46:20) Night: We got u.
(16:46:24) オオラ: lol i see
(16:46:29) オオラ: what ever happened to her?
(16:46:38) [P4L]SleighDriver: stuff I guess
(16:46:44) オオラ: ah stuff..
(16:46:46) オオラ: i see
(16:46:53) [P4L]SleighDriver: I like to make hings clear :]
(16:47:02) オオラ: when last have any of you seen/read from her?
(16:47:11) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Why are yu on the run?
(16:47:31) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: If u did something bad on PO they could check ur alt and ban that alt
(16:47:31) オオラ: i stole something
(16:47:39) オオラ: ...is that so
(16:47:41) [P4L]SleighDriver: ._.
(16:47:41) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: ...why u on PO then
(16:47:53) ±QueryBot: オオラ is currently online!
(16:47:58) [P4L]SleighDriver: is what you stole what I think you stole
(16:47:59) [P4L]SleighDriver: ?
(16:48:03) ±CommandBot: The command history doesn't exist
(16:48:07) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: idk
(16:48:11) オオラ: someone's heart <3
(16:48:11) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: what did you steal
(16:48:18) Night: a[P4L]SoGrinchrin
(16:48:18) [P4L]SleighDriver: I knew it
(16:48:18) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: oh lol
(16:48:23) [P4L]SleighDriver: well, I aimed lower than the heart tho
(16:48:23) オオラ: yea...
(16:48:29) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Sorins been afk for a while
(16:48:42) Night: Trying to see if he alive.
(16:48:43) Challenge Cup battle between [P4L]ReindeerFTW and Mathildee started.
(16:48:46) Gym Leader Yveltal left the channel.
(16:48:49) Gym Leader Yveltal joined the channel.
(16:48:51) オオラ: im part of a black market organ transplant thing..
(16:48:54) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: [P4L]ReindeerFTW sent out Salamence!
(16:48:59) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: LOL
(16:48:59) [P4L]SleighDriver: LOL
(16:49:07) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: lol at black market
(16:49:17) オオラ: my bad..
(16:49:24) オオラ: african american* market
(16:49:29) オオラ: is that right?
(16:49:46) Night: Yes.
(16:49:55) オオラ: political correctness
(16:49:58) Night: Always the right thing.
(16:50:07) オオラ: ^ amen
(16:50:12) ORAS OU battle between Night and Gym Leader Yveltal started.
(16:50:21) オオラ: so when last you guys seen Lemon Medal person
(16:50:23) オオラ: ?
(16:50:43) [P4L]SleighDriver: long long time ago
(16:50:53) オオラ: :/
(16:50:57) オオラ: they quit po?
(16:51:07) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Celebi? like end of 2012
(16:51:08) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: lol#
(16:51:08) [P4L]SleighDriver: (17:50:58) ±QueryBot: vodka|lemon medal was last seen: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 05:58:16 GMT
(16:51:14) オオラ: ._.
(16:51:17) [P4L]SleighDriver: latest alt I know
(16:53:19) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: ._.
(16:53:25) [P4L]SleighDriver: well byebye for now
(16:53:31) [P4L]SleighDriver left the channel.
(16:53:44) Mathildee forfeited against [P4L]ReindeerFTW.
(16:53:56) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: won cos of hax: Drunkness Blast hit
(16:54:14) オオラ: ;-;
(16:54:24) オオラ: who wants to lose against me?
(16:56:23) Night forfeited against Gym Leader Yveltal.
(16:56:35) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Yveltal, remember I won the first match
(16:56:47) ORAS OU battle between Night and Gym Leader Yveltal started.
(16:56:47) Gym Leader Yveltal is busy.
(16:57:00) Gym Leader Yveltal: imma finish this
(16:57:07) Gym Leader Yveltal: I promise Ill do you next
(16:58:41) オオラ: ohh
(17:05:30) Gym Leader Yveltal won against Night.
(17:05:46) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Yv
(17:05:49) Gym Leader Yveltal: ?
(17:05:55) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: gogogo
(17:05:56) ORAS OU battle between [P4L]ReindeerFTW and Gym Leader Yveltal started.
(17:06:36) オオラ: congrats...
(17:06:56) Night: Not much of a congrats to be honest, fren.
(17:07:16) オオラ: ._.
(17:07:25) オオラ: hax gods have blessed us
(17:07:30) Night: Blessed him.
(17:07:47) Night: Fucked me.
(17:09:59) [P4L]ReindeerFTW won against Gym Leader Yveltal.
(17:10:13) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Hell yeah!
(17:10:17) オオラ: lol
(17:10:19) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Titanium Badge like a boss!
(17:10:25) オオラ: who wants to face my gym?
(17:10:26) Gym Leader Yveltal: Take your damn badge
(17:10:29) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Very Happy
(17:10:35) Gym Leader Yveltal: who are you again?
(17:10:38) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: lego
(17:10:41) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Alts thread~
(17:10:44) Gym Leader Yveltal: not you...
(17:10:52) Gym Leader Yveltal: オオラ
(17:10:56) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: he is someone
(17:10:59) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: idk who
(17:11:02) オオラ: hmm?
(17:11:06) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: he wants to know about lemon
(17:11:09) Gym Leader Yveltal: WHAT IS YOUR MAIN
(17:11:11) オオラ: call me squiggles
(17:11:12) Gym Leader Yveltal: oh wait
(17:11:18) Gym Leader Yveltal: Hai Celebi
(17:11:24) オオラ: Smile
(17:11:30) Night: Celebi
(17:11:31) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Smile
(17:11:31) Night: u fker
(17:11:34) Gym Leader Yveltal: right as always
(17:11:37) オオラ: lmao im not celebi
(17:11:38) Night: why u hide from me
(17:11:45) オオラ: XD
(17:11:50) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Sp Def evs?
(17:11:58) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: on ferro
(17:12:07) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: and I used Dark Pulse
(17:12:08) Gym Leader Yveltal: 8
(17:12:36) Battle Factory 6v6 battle between オオラ and JoyFrost started.
(17:13:07) Gym Leader Yveltal: time to go homework
(17:13:13) Night: Could I get a rematch tho, Reindeer.
(17:13:15) Night: :]
(17:13:18) Gym Leader Yveltal: then edit LoL footage
(17:13:21) Gym Leader Yveltal: 24 hours
(17:13:25) Gym Leader Yveltal: @night
(17:13:31) Gym Leader Yveltal: also
(17:13:39) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: ...maybe
(17:13:42) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: yes yv
(17:13:51) Night: Doesn't say that on his Gym Archive though.
(17:13:54) Night: But finez.
(17:14:47) Gym Leader Yveltal: Gym Archives are invalid
(17:15:04) Gym Leader Yveltal: What badge did you say you had night?
(17:15:04) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Gym Archives are archives
(17:15:09) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Not the real thing
(17:15:13) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: Popos badge
(17:15:14) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: I think
(17:15:21) Night logged out.
(17:15:23) オオラ won against JoyFrost.
(17:15:29) Night joined the channel.
(17:15:32) Gym Leader Yveltal: are you playing on android?
(17:15:47) オオラ: oh
(17:15:53) オオラ: my body is ready
(17:16:04) [P4L]ReindeerFTW: WHAT THE f***
(17:16:08) オオラ: who wants a piece of me?
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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 2:09 pm

...and you need help with..?

...WTF...Someone help me Sky_ch10
...WTF...Someone help me Murkrow
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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 7:12 am

what am i looking at here??
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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 7:57 pm

Hes annoyed at squiggles' quotes like "my body is ready" he asked me to kick him like 15 times (I tempmuted him for 37 seconds instead, and then called for 30 mins of silence before leaving the channel. I am a b****)

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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2014 10:44 pm

That was hilarious, I still don't know who he was looking for though?

...WTF...Someone help me Arieon13


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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2014 12:39 pm

I've seen him on various ocassions

He's one of the guys that stalks Confused/Moon Stone mehitnks

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PostSubject: Re: ...WTF...Someone help me   ...WTF...Someone help me Icon_minitime

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...WTF...Someone help me
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