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 Arieon's Sad Story

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PostSubject: Arieon's Sad Story   Arieon's Sad Story Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 12:45 pm

Hello P4L

As I said to a fallen comrade i'd write his story, belated but here it is!

Mah good friend Arieon wanted to start this year at school with a high note, but alas it was not to be since he lost the bus, not once but twice almost three times!!!

And only for the unfair reason that he felt asleep Sad

And that he did not wanted to not look his best so he could woo some hot piece of school girl for a valentine's!

Also he needed his music and lost the bus for the second time by getting back and getting his HEADPHONES OF DOOMISH DOOM(Yvy Trademark)

After the tragic event in which he got late, despite being super full of energy and excited of a new school year tragedy struck!!!

Not only an hour after he got to school, hell not even half an hour!!! Our hero was sitting at his desk with his phone out and listening to some fine good music as the gentle sir he is, and got asked rather rudely by a random hallway teacher to depart from his beloved phone!!!

Arieon's of course followed the only possible path, he refused to give up his phone.

(At the begging that was the original story after that he gave us a moar detailed recount that didn't sound as epic, but here it is, he was asked by the Dean to put headphones in locker, he did, the take them out again for spanish class since he wanted to get a date for v day, got to spanish class, get seen by random teacher, and she took his headphones, when she went for his phone he refused, and she brought him to his dean, and after the continuously refused to give his phone she gave him a suspension, also she had to fed Ari xDD, but this is not as interesting as the real story son don't mind it!)

And that's why after only 30 minutes in class poor Arieon got suspended from school after all his hard work to get there!!

Here never be said that we do not honor our fallen hero's, and tonight we all shall toast for Arieon's sake, his 2 day suspension, and the terrible wrath of Ari's mother!!

P4L shall never forget about you, my youthful friend!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Arieon's Sad Story   Arieon's Sad Story Icon_minitimeTue Feb 17, 2015 5:14 am

Aww this indeed is a sad story... There are so many cooler ways for a suspension, like pantsing the principal, or throwing a party in the teacher's lounge... On the bright side: he did hang on to what he loves :3

Arieon's Sad Story Sky_ch10
Arieon's Sad Story Murkrow
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Arieon's Sad Story
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