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 Jaffa's Mono Poison Run

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Jaffa Crash
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Gym Leader
Jaffa Crash

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Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Empty
PostSubject: Jaffa's Mono Poison Run   Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2015 5:28 pm

Sorry I haven't been active too much recently. College is tough...

Anyhow, I'm partway through my Monopoison Run in Emerald...

Day 1

Mmmhmm back of the truck is the life for me!

I name my character Jaffa, and my rival Cake, and proceed to pick Mudkip as a temporary starter. I call it Nooneliek.

I save Birch's bum, and proceed to kick his daughter's Bum. (Hey Birch, you named your child Cake...)

I try to leave town, but mum stops me to give me the running shoes (Hey mum, you named your child Jaffa...)


Now that I have Pokeballs, I can officially start my challenge... Now I did not realise this at the time, but the earliest Poison Type in this game is Wurmple (Le Sigh...) and it is the only Poison Type you can catch before the rock gym... Let's see how I got on...

1st Route, I catch a Wurmple and call it Major. I then must deposit the Mudkip, and begin to level Major up. Now I remember that one of the first trainers has a Tailow, so I get Wurmple as strong as possible... So strong infact that I defeat 2 cubic tonnes of Lotads to evolve him twice...

I then continue to spam Confusion until I find dad. Suddenly, Where's Wally appears and he catches a Ralts (Lucky Git...). He buggers off and I continue to Petalburg Woods. I encounter more bug pokemon and run into an Aqua Member, who has a Poochyena, meaning I have to rely on Gust instead of the stronger Confusion...

Soon I leave the woods and get to the Gym (Oh boy...)

I finish the day here...

Day 2

I start the day by returning to Petalburg Woods. Now my original plan was to catch the rare Shroomish here, and proceed to beat the gym. I thought Shroomish was a Grass/Poison Type, but to my shock, it was not Surprised this threw my plan into chaos... Oops.

To be honest, I should have known Shroomish was a was only a Grass Type, but I presumed that it's Poison Heal ability meant it was a Poison Type (But now come to think of it, a Poison Type cannot take advantage of Poison Heal, as Poison Types cannot be poisoned xD well done Lewis...).

I then attempt to beat the gym with my level 18 Dustox. I fail.

I try again multiple times, sometimes even fainting to the first Geodude... I realised this was going to be a war of attrition...

I then do something I have never done in a Pokemon game... I catch a full team of Wurmple and level them all up to Dustox... There names were Lieutenant, Sergeant, General, Private and Cuddles.

I then challenge the gym...

After half an almost half an hour of poison/confusion hax... We won... And got a TM we cannot use Neutral

We leave finally to Dewford and catch many both a Zubat (Named Russel), and a Tentacool (Called Pestilence). I then deposit most of the Dustox, as they bring back bad memories...

I focus on levelling Zubat for the gym due to his Poison/Flying advantage, plus I need a better Pokemon than Major Dustox...

We win this gym much faster than the first one, get TM Bulk Up (USELESS), and it's off to Slateport...

Here I catch a Gulpin at the nearby root, and call him Obesity. Minutes later I catch an Oddish and call him Toploader (Dancing in the Moonlight anyone?)

I return to Slateport to defeat the Aquas and then I go to the Trick House. It's Tricky... XD

I battle May on my way to Mauville and defeat her easily. Soon I reach Mauville, and come across my most hated Gym Leader of all time... Watson.

Watson is Notoriously difficult mainly due to his Magneton, which isn't even his main! Magneton sports an Electric/Steel typing, which is awfully tricky to deal with this early on in the game. The only Pokemon recommended for this battle are Combusken, Marshtomp, Makuhita (and to a certain extent, Aron).

I am not allowed to use any of these Pokemon... So now I have two options:
1) I spend a long time in the Game Corner hoping to win enough coins for TM Flamethrower
2) Buff up Gulpin and teach it Rock Smash...

I chose option 2...

I set all my effort, battling every single trainer before Watson using only Gulpin. I hand him the Exp. Share to increase experience gained.

Eventually Obesity evolves into Swalot and is at level 26 (If I remember correctly) and I take on Watson...

First I dispose of his Voltorb, as I do not want to deal with Self Destruct right now... I then take the opportunity to set up on Electrike. I use two X Attacks and 1 X Speed. Electrike tried to paralyse me with Thunder Wave, but we were holding a Cheri Berry, so we were safe. We dispose of Electrike with a single Sludge.

Next is the infamous Magneton. Even with +2 Attack, Rock Smash barely takes away a 1/4 of Magnetons health, and he keeps spamming Sonicboom and Shock Wave...

I do get lucky with some Defence Drops and eventually the Magnet Monster goes down...

Finally we have Manectric, who is no slouch either. He almost defeats us with a Critical Shock Wave, but we one-shot him with Sludge. I win TM Shock Wave and proceed to move on North...

I end the long day here...

Day 3

I head up to Fiery Path, after depositing Major (Sorry...) and proceed to catch a Koffing (I call him Mexican, because Mexican food gives me bad gas... I'm not a racist ❤️). Then surprisingly my second encounter is a Grimer! O forgot you could even catch Grimer here, but you can, and it's a 2% chance Surprised I catch him and call him Sir Gooey.

I realise Koffing can learn Shock Wave and teach it to him quickly after.

I end the day due to fatigue...

Jaffa's Mono Poison Run My_ban10

So Pround... Kinda:

Contact Me!! Check my Profile!!
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PostSubject: Re: Jaffa's Mono Poison Run   Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2015 4:36 pm

Hey Lewis Very Happy Amusing story, keep us up-to-date Very Happy So how's college?

Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Sky_ch10
Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Murkrow
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Mr Popo
Gym Leader
Gym Leader
Mr Popo

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PostSubject: NICE   Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2015 6:10 am

Cause of you Master Jaffa, i shalt begin my abNORMAL run soon Very Happy let's see how this goes :I
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PostSubject: Re: Jaffa's Mono Poison Run   Jaffa's Mono Poison Run Icon_minitime

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Jaffa's Mono Poison Run
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