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PostSubject: セレビィ's Bug Gym   セレビィ's Bug Gym Icon_minitimeTue Sep 10, 2013 5:23 pm

The Bug type. Often seen as one of the weaker types is here to prove how truly powerful Bugs can get. Humans truly underestimate us. We may live in the shadows, creep around at night, and avoid contact as much as possible, but given the opportunity we can and will strike. Our blows deadly. Crippling opponents with a single strike. Using our poison, our bites, our horns, and our relentless fighting spirit, we will attack at full force. Bugs never attack alone. As a swarm we will utilize all of our strengths, and hide our weaknesses. Prepare to have your hands full as it won't be easy to exterminate us.

セレビィ's Bug Gym Bug10

This is a challenge utilizing the rules from PO's Wifi OU tier.
This includes the banlist with few exceptions.
The clauses are those of the Wifi OU tier with NO WIFI CLAUSE ALLOWED.
Permanent Weather is handicapped..
The following types can cumulatively appear 3 times on a team max: Fire, Flying, Bug, Steel.
Two legendaries MAX per team.
You may challenge once every 13 hours.

All Pokemon in PO's Ubers tier.
Blaziken WITHOUT Speed Boost is allowed.
Landorus Incarnate form is allowed.
Tornadus Incarnate is banned on Drizzle teams.
Sun teams are only allowed Ninetails and 1 Chlorophyll user OR 1 other advantage type (Fire, Flying, Rock, Steel). Dual types NOT included. Ex. Skarmory, Terrakion, and Archeops would be allowed on the same team.
Hurricane in combination with Drizzle/Rain Dance is banned.

セレビィ's Bug Gym Bug12


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セレビィ's Bug Gym
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