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 Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 19

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Jaffa Crash
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PostSubject: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 19   Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:16 am

Chapter 19 - Manipulation
POV - Zéphyr - Legolover8

I still had the Dark Guidance Shard... And nothing was happening...

Was the Dark Shard really for me? I was starting to doubt what my favourite Type was... Then I had an idea! Maybe I just had to find the right Pokémon! This whole time, I've been trying to pair myself with my Sneasel... But what if I tried with Hydregon?

I took Hydregon out of his ball (for the first time in ages...). He seemed happy to be out of his ball, he started chanting "Hydregon!" and roared a few times! "Hydregon! Calm down!" I commanded, ceasing any more ranting from the darkness dragon. Then, the ranting was replaced with a sad expression on the face of the poor soul...

"Sorry friend..." I apologiesed, bringing him into a hug...

After this, Amanda came crashing into the room, she said "Zeffy! What happened?"

I replied "Sorry Manda... I didn't expect to Hydregon to be so loud"

"Ahh... Well at least nobody was hurt" she said, smiling with relief. She turned around, and was about to leave the room when the door suddenly slammed shut!

"Eeeiik!! Zeffy! What the!?" Amanda screamed before turning to me...

"Zeffy... What's happening..." she said, stunned. then I felt faint, I tried to keep my eyes open... But I started seeing black... The last thing I heard was the screaming of Amanda...


POV - Captain Arieon - Arieon

I was about to enter my room to find my Pokéballs when suddenly, I heard someone screaming! "Amanda?" I question myself before rushing to help whoever was in danger!

I found the source of the screaming to be coming from Zéphyr's room! "Zéphyr?! Amanda?! What's going on in there?!" I was frantically asking, trying to enter the room! "Arieon! The door slammed shut! And now I can't get out! And Zeffy..." Amanda screamed in a panicked tone before being cut off by a loud crashing noise...

"Amanda..." I mumbled. After that, Sky, Lewis and Sapphire turned up, hearing all the of the commotion.

"Arieon! What's going on!?" Sky asked, distressed. "I can't tell, but Amanda's in danger! And the door won't open!" I answered. "Is there no other way of getting in?" Sky asked, getting more anxious. "No..." I replied.

Suddenly, Sapphire alerted "Lewis is gone!" which was quickly replied with "Where!?" from Sky...


POV - Lewis - Lewis Big Benn

While the guys were debating on how to get in, I took the opportunity to enter myself, vanishing through the door to Zéphyr's room!

It took me a few seconds to realise what happened...

There was a large creature hovering above a lifeless Amanda... "Zéphyr?" I asked, disorientated from the sight...

The only reply I got from the beast was a loud roar, and an aimed Dark Pulse... Which hit me...

"Gaah!!" I let out before the guys outside noticed my absence...

"Lewis! Get out of there!" I heard Sapphire command... But I couldn't leave Amanda in here with that monster...

I ran towards Amanda, ducking another Dark Pulse as I did so, grabbed Amanda and vanished through the floor... And landed inside the Rec Room.


POV - Captain Arieon - Arieon

Was Lewis ok? What happened? All the noise that had previously in the room had now left... Was Lewis hurt?

Nobody said a word... Then slowly, the door opened...

The opened door revealed some sort of beast... "Zéphyr..." I mumbled... It seemed that Zéphyr had attempted to merge with the Shard and his Pokémon... But something was wrong... There, before us, was a half transformed Zéphyr... He had the features of a Hydregon... He was radiating a dark black aura... His eyes were jet black... Everything about him was dark...

I was about to order Sky and Sapphire to step away when suddenly, Zéphyr, in his darkened form, charged at me, grabbed me by the throat, and shoved me against the wall!

"Arieon!" Sky shouted before attempting to rescue me... Zéphyr attacked Sky, leaving him unconscious, and continued to suffocate me against the wall... I began seeing black spots...


So Pround... Kinda:

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 19   Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:06 pm

An Epic start for something new! Something one of a kind!
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Forbidden Freedom - A P4L Story... - Chapter 19
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